Racial Heresy | Making Racial Reconciliation a Spiritual Practice

Racial Heresy | Making Racial Reconciliation a Spiritual Practice

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The Road to Nineveh: Episode 4 – History
March 16, 2019

Our history is messy and broken. It is painful and traumatic. How do we learn, confront, remember, deal-with, integrate, and overcome our history? How can our history inform our faith and help keep us in communion as we all journey towards becoming Bel...

The Road to Nineveh: Episode 5 – Fear
March 16, 2019

I'm afraid. I'm afraid of failing my Black sisters and brothers. I still want to do the "right thing" but I keep living my life out of the socialized White Supremacy I've been taught. How do we move, grow, change, and transform?

The Road to Nineveh: Episode 3 – Centering Whiteness
March 15, 2019

How do we maintain and retain power in whiteness in the Church? How do we dethrone the standards of whiteness as the measure by which all other experiences are judged? What will it take to bring Black voices to the center of our Faith?

The Road to Nineveh: Episode 2 – Black Power
March 15, 2019

Can a Black man tell the White Church anything that we'll hear? What scares the the White Church about Black Power? How do our socialized "progressive" views of power, neediness, charity, and race interfere with honest,

The Road to Nineveh: Episode 1 – White Comfort
March 15, 2019

How do we make the shift from a calculus of White Comfort? If comfort means "with strength," then how do we send people forth in the strength of the Gospel to become Beloved Community? How do we fill people with courage instead of leaving them in the...

White Fragility: Robin DiAngelo on White Liberals Protecting Racism
May 22, 2018

Robin DiAngelo on White Fragility's role in protecting Racism

Allies or Frenemies: The Twisted Power Cravings of White Liberals
May 08, 2018

White Liberals are often assumed to be allies to the struggle for equal rights and justice. They are supposed to be the friends of People of Color...the only ones we can trust. - But does that position ever become merely a badge of honor?

War, Patriotism and Christian Theology in Black And White
April 24, 2018

The war machine is returning to public view... - You know, it never went away. It just went virtual...drone strikes from remote locations right here in America. - But with our war-footing on the rise, we ought to reconsider our positions. -

The Good Christian Virtues of White Supremacists…
April 10, 2018

Good Christian Virtues are hard to come by...especially these days. So, we have to hold on to the appearance of good. - Even to our own detriment... - Even if it means embracing trauma to oppress ourselves... - https://www.youtube.com/watch?

Challenging White Supremacy in Christian Art
March 29, 2018

Challenging White supremacy is something we must do at all times and in many different ways. - The thing is - White supremacy is so prevalent that we are always presented with opportunities for challenging the power structure. #ThanksBeToGod -