Racial Heresy | Making Racial Reconciliation a Spiritual Practice

Racial Heresy | Making Racial Reconciliation a Spiritual Practice

Robin DiAngelo & Robert P. Jones: White Fragility & Why America has been White Too Long

March 26, 2021

We've been White Too Long for way too long. Our white church, our white faith, and our white identities are way too Fragile. What will it take to change the church? Robin DiAngelo, PhD, returns and joins Robert P. Jones, PhD, and the Racial Heresy Team to explore what it will take to move the needle and get white Christians to work against systemic racism in our institutions.

Will We Listen?

"White Fragility" and "White Too Long" have captured the imaginations of white Christians across denominations and geography - and still we have no stamina for the work of undoing the white supremacy that undergirds our faith! When will we listen? How can we face the reality of our own internalized white superiority and change the church?

Will We Prioritize?

White supremacy is pervasive. White fragility compels us to compartmentalize. We are working on race, though, right? We have lots of things we have to do but we also do racial justice work, so that's good enough? But it's not. What will it take for the white church to see and act on racial justice and ending white supremacy as the fundamental issue which influences everything?

The Dilemma of White Self Interest

We have been unwilling to change in order to save Black life. We've been unwilling to change for the sake of justice. We have been unwilling to change in obedience to our Lord, Jesus Christ, and his commands of love. What will it take, then, to move us to repent? White self-interest is one strategy for advancing the work of racial justice but can it be trusted? Is it the right path? What alternative do we have to change the church?

Gonna Have to Sit with It for Awhile

We want to act. We want to do. We want to make it better but we can't be effective advocates for change until we encounter the depths of our reality. We are fragile people who have used our power to create the strongest possible bulwark of systemic injustice. Our faith perpetuates the very sin we decry. We are not only complicit in violence, trauma, and death, the structures of our lives depend on it. We have to sit with that.

Watch, listen, and sit with us as we explore all of this and more... (some audio & video is broken but the content is worth it!)


Working toward Beloved Community.

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