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The Great Spiritual Battle. (475)
May 20, 2024

Keith remarks and expands on a short devotional found using the U version Bible app . To quote from the devotional authored: The Great Battle…

Re-Quest 154 Greatest Story: A Man Called Nicodemus. (474)
May 13, 2024

Keith turns back the clock for this request episode that first posted February 2018. We take a trip to the days of old-time radio for

Truth Exposed 61 Prayer Promises, John 16: 23-33. (473)
May 06, 2024

Before we get started into the deep dive of John chapter 16, Keith reviews a few points of context: In this chapter, Jesus has spent

Church History -The Importance of Paul’s Writings. (472)
April 29, 2024

Keith returns to his adventures in the history of the Christian church. Today we finish off chapter 5, and review the foundational importance of Pauls

Accepting Church Expansion. (471)
April 22, 2024

Or, crucified with Christ Paul had no problem confronting people who distorted the truth of the gospel. Our societys current emphasis on tolerance contributes to

Church History – Paul’s Early Life and Ministry. (470)
April 15, 2024

as Keith touches base again with his adventures through learning about church history, will return to a familiar resource. See the credits that follow the

Solution to Worry – Protectors of the Book 229
April 13, 2024

Today we look at Matthew 6:24-34

The Morning Breaks, Eternal, Bright and Fair. (469)
April 08, 2024

Or, When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder. Keith and Nathan are once again live in the studio! After a remark that Nathan made during

What to do with the Tares? – Protectors of the Book 228
April 06, 2024

Today we look at the parable of the wheat and the tares.

Truth Exposed 60 The Birth of Something New, John 16:16-22. (468)
April 01, 2024

Previously, Jesus had warned his disciples about going to a place where they could not follow. Though that statement had disturbed them, he was ready