Quest for Truth by Life Truth

Quest for Truth by Life Truth

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Truth Exposed 19 Elected to Stand, John 6:36 (281)
August 03, 2020

Featuring the middle part of Jesus' sermon on his being the bread from heaven. - The crowd of 5000, or at least some of them, that had been fed the day before had caught up with Jesus. He had to redirect their misguided focus on how he beat them acr...

Basic Civics (280)
July 27, 2020

An extremely basic introduction to Civics. Civics means government. Keith shares some definitions and the points in the first amendment rights to express ourselves. What does it mean by freedom of speech, or having the right to gather?

Luke Investigates 11 Stirred Up. (279)
July 20, 2020

Based on Luke 6:1-16 - Cast and drama. Luke, Zephaniah, Mrs. Zephaniah (or, Joanna), Jesus, Pharisee - Luke finds his new friend, who teaches him how Jesus made waves with traditional religious teaching. - "Used with permission from Microsoft.

The Fatherhood Model. (278)
July 13, 2020

Featuring a sermon from Nathan Caldwell that presents a full description of what true fatherhood means. With all the confusing unrest in our world and rebellion against authority, the answer to a host of civics trouble can find resolution in the basic ...

Victory for the Victim. (277)
July 06, 2020

Or, Victory Over Sin - Do you ever wonder if victory over the issues the world faces is possible? Do you think victory would be more likely if people were confident they could win? Is victory over sin more likely for those who are Christian? -

TruthExposed 18 Bread of Life, John 6: (276)
June 29, 2020

Returning to our ongoing study of the gospel of John, the crowd catches up to him after being fed the day before. Those who remained, being part of the crowd of 5000, and seeking to make him king, were once again amazed to find Jesus already across the...

Black Lives in the Image of God. (275)
June 22, 2020

Trying to address a touchy topic and still apply kindness, Keith and Nathan review articles of belief directly from the Black Lives Matter web site. Before digging into our topic, Keith addresses the matter of dignity and the value of human life.

Social Justice, and Enemies of Scripture. (274)
June 15, 2020

In this solo episode, Keith reviews some definitions of social justice. After the concepts are on the table, he shares how they represent an attack on scripture. - Social Justice Definitions From Urban Dictionary: A Utopian fantasy

Interview, Randy Lopez. (273)
June 08, 2020

In this relatively short episode, Keith is alone in Church House studio for an interview. Our guest is Randy Lopez. - "Used with permission from Microsoft." - Bio - Former proud atheist now glad Christian. -

Truth Exposed 17 Walking on Water, John 6:16-22. (272)
June 01, 2020

review. - Jesus had been teaching and healing in the area of the sea of Galilee. The crowd of 5000 from the previous Miracle were intent on making him king. so he withdrew into the mountains. His disciples were apparently left behind.