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Truth exposed 55 Abiding in the Vine, John 15:1-6. (439)
October 02, 2023

our usual cast of characters presents remarks on this brief passage. Keith, Nathan, and our favored radio Bible teacher J Vernon McGee all add a

A Warning About the Occult. (438)
September 25, 2023

To date in our survey of spiritual warfare, we spent some time examining sorcery. In particular, divination by an alleged assistance of evil spirits. In

Spiritual Warfare, Preparing for the Enemy. (437)
September 18, 2023

Spiritual Warfare Enemies combatted: Devil Keith picks apart this verse from first Peter to demonstrate what defences a believer can take. Being prayerfully rooted in

Protectors of the Book 227 – Memorials of Life
September 12, 2023

What kind of memorial should Christ be given? Yes, He lives, but He did die for us. Is the Lords Supper the only memorial

Worldly Source of Spiritual Warfare. (436)
September 11, 2023

Keith takes a first glimpse at the source of where spiritual warfare starts. You might be surprised it has very little to do with spirits,

Truth exposed 54 God’s Special People, John 14:22-31. (435)
September 04, 2023

Will be finishing John chapter 14 today. We get right into our study beginning with John 14:22. The conversation takes a turn when Judas, not

Women and Leadership, Lessons from Jezebel. (434)
August 28, 2023

Keith shares a topic that may be difficult for some people to take, but the truth can be hard. The ultimate goal is for repentance,

Episode 13 – Life Truth Presents: A Clean Fiction Podcast
August 23, 2023

We interview Michael Wilhelm and hear an episode of his show, The Temp. We check out Lord of the Rings Online We introduce you

Luke 16 Soil Explained. (433)
August 21, 2023

The conversation continues as Luke learns what the parable of the four soils means. Amos the farmer guides Luke through the words of Jesus to

Life Truth Presents: A Clean Fiction Podcast (episode 12)
August 15, 2023

Today we hear from Jimmy David Robbins who produces Crimson Garnet right here at He has a couple youtube channels