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Protectors of the Book 204 – Urge On
December 08, 2021

A sermon on encouraging others!

Jesus Changed Everything, Anthony Russo. (348)
December 06, 2021

Due to some unexpected technical glitches, our time with Anthony Russo was cut in half. Nathan and Keith still pack in as much as they…

Re-Quest 92 Greatest Story of Integrity. (347)
November 29, 2021

It’s easy to thank God in times of abundance. , when plans are going well, and as expected, However, when the harvest is hard to…

KJV, the Gold Standard, part 2. (346)
November 22, 2021

Wrapping up the review of why the King James is the gold standard of the English bible, Keith returns to some of the hallmarks of…

Discussing Jehovah’s Witnesses with Daniel and John Mynyk. (345)
November 15, 2021

Keith interviews the authors of the book, When the Watchtower Knocks, Daniel and John Mynyk. The brothers wrote the book in a conversational tone after…

Trailer – Stronghold Episode 5
November 10, 2021

  In this scene, we see two of our heroes outside a courthouse in DC. Thanks to Frank Guglielmelli, Michael Prince and Jack Reilly for…

KJV, the Gold Standard, part 1. (344)
November 08, 2021

In response to the statement that the King James Authorized version of 1611 is the only one Christians should use, Keith dives into how we…

Truth Exposed 33 Healing Completed, John 9:35-41. (343)
November 01, 2021

To briefly review: Jesus encountered a man born blind and healed him. Jesus initiated the contact. Using mud and washing it off, the healing involved…

Protectors of the Book 203 – The Scariest Thing
October 29, 2021

Whatever you think of Halloween, this is definitely a time when attentions turn to fears. What is the scariest thing?  Taken from Luke 16

Truth About Lying. (342)
October 25, 2021

The 9th command is simple, but often abused and misunderstood. Does it really mean we should never tell a lie? Are there times when concealing…