Quest for Truth by Life Truth

Quest for Truth by Life Truth

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Truth Exposed 16 Overwhelmed. John 6:1-15. (267)
April 27, 2020

In this spectacular miracle that gets mentioned in all four gospels, it's said the first miracle wasn't in the feeding of the crowd, but that a boy still hadn't eaten his lunch yet. Still, even the smallest of contributions go a long way. - Today,

Questioning the Logic of Christianity. (266)
April 20, 2020

In an effort to address common challenges to God or the Christian faith, Keith returns to respond to a few short clips from the world of Youtube. The presenters are not known by us, or the context of the lecture or debate.

Life Changes. (265)
April 15, 2020

Originally featured on the "Alive and Still Married" podcast. Keith resurrects the main topic from a show titled: When Your Spouse Changes - Alive and Still Married was a podcast hosted by Keith and Robin Heltsley.

Online Church and Corona. (264)
April 06, 2020

Is the affect of the Corona virus on churches a Big Deal, No Deal or Little Deal? - After some opening remarks from Keith, and a couple items to open the dialog between  your hosts, we look into these 8 questions. -

Truth Exposed 15 Blind Pride, John 5:30-47. (263)
March 30, 2020

In presenting himself to the religious leaders, Jesus used the kind of legal evidence that they should have been able to understand. He explained how, and why he performed the miracles he was rapidly becoming known for doing. - Getting started in ,

Luke Investigates 9 Healing. (262)
March 23, 2020

After the abrupt appearance of the religious leaders at the door, Luke's friend, the fisher, has been taken away for interrogation. Luke worries and paces, but is glad to have Tiberius rejoin him for more retelling of the early ministry of Jesus. -

Six Church Basics. (261)
March 16, 2020

What is the church? What should it be doing? Who is in it? - In this short solo episode, Keith shares a few points to describe 6 basics of the church. THE CALLED OUT BODY. Ecclesia. Greek for the "Called out ones," The church.

Holy Spirit Heresy. (260)
March 09, 2020

Or, Holy heresy Batman! Are there two Holy Spirits? - The problem seems to stem from the use of the terms "Holy Ghost," and "Holy Spirit" in the King James Bible. Despite a longstanding doctrine that they describe the third person of the trinity,

Truth Exposed 14 Authority Over Life, John 5:19-29. (259)
March 02, 2020

Or, Escape to Eternal Life. Or, The New Covenant is Now. - Let's dig in deep to cover this important message that Jesus is giving the religious leaders in Jerusalem. Their expected prophecy is now fulfilled,

Statements of Faith, Scripture and God. (258)
February 24, 2020

For the sake of new listeners, and others who may want to know, we talk about some fundamental beliefs we hold on our Christian worldview. Drawing from our denominational statements, Nathan reads from the beliefs of the American Baptist Association.