Protrusive Dental Podcast

Protrusive Dental Podcast

A ‘Secret’ Interview(!) with Smile Direct Club – PDP115

May 16, 2022

This was the most difficult interview I ever recorded for Protrusive Dental Podcast. I was approached by a representative from Smile Direct Club to appear on the podcast. I had mixed feelings but knew this was an opportunity to ask some good questions and gain an insight into how this active and significant stakeholder in clear aligner therapy (whether we like it or not) operates.
Video to this episode has not been made public and only those with a link can watch it – OR on the Protrusive APP releasing for general sale next week

Protrusive Dental Pearl: In terms of efficiency in doing your IPR, be sure to plan your IPR and your ClinCheck so that a lot of the IPR happens in one go when the contact is more aligned. 

The highlight of this episode:

10:13 Current market trends for clear aligners

12:59 Animosity Between Smile Direct Club and Dentists

17:19 Patients that are suitable for Smile Direct Club

19:33 Smile Direct Club’s Workflow/Patient Concern

30:32 Patient Education about Direct Smile Club

33:44 SDC’s ‘Lifetime’ Aligners?

37:11 SDC’s Night Time Aligners?!

43:20 SDC’s pop up shop within Dental Practice

46:55 Dental Boards vs Smile Direct Club

53:16 Patient Support Network?

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