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Receiving Timely Notifications During Critical Events – An Interview with Erik Endress
May 23, 2022

In Episode 98 of the podcast Rob interviews Erik Endress of Share911. Erik discusses the importance of receiving timely and accurate information during those first few seconds of an emergency. Erik al

Critical Decision-Making for Crisis Management Teams – An Interview with Chris Paton
May 03, 2022

Decision making is easy in a predictable and slow-changing world, but we are a long way from that right now.  In episode 97 of the PreparedEx podcast, Chris Paton discusses what effects decision makin

Leading a Crisis from the Eye of a Storm – An Interview with Tony Kaufman
April 21, 2022

In episode 96 Tony Kaufman walks us through his personal experience with managing the Diamond Princess Cruise COVID-19 crisis. Tony, who was a member of the senior leadership at the time of the crisis

Preparing for Nuclear, WMD and Emerging Threats – An Interview with Matt Kershner
April 06, 2022

In Episode 95 Rob interviews Matt Kershner who is the Chief at the Special Operations Forces Training Support Branch at DTRA the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. The discussion during the podcast was

An Interview with Hector Delgado: Preparing for Active Shooter or Other Violent Intruder Crises.
March 23, 2022

In episode 94 Rob discusses active shooter and violent intruder events and preparedness with Hector Delgado founder and CEO of ASR Alert Systems, Navy SEAL (ret) and HSI Special Agent (ret). Hector sp

Boston Marathon Bombing Lessons for Incident Response and Business Continuity 
March 10, 2022

In episode 93 of the podcast, John Petrozzelli discusses preparation for incident response, crisis response during an incident, and post incident response through the lens of his experience FBI analys

Lessons From The Wakefield Fire – An Interview with Lucy Dickson
February 23, 2022

In Episode 92 of the podcast, Rob spoke with Lucy Dickson of the Wakefield West Yorkshire, UK council about a fire that happened in their city in 2020. Lucy shares her personal background and what her

Former Navy SEAL Dave Rogers Discusses Leading During Stressful Situations
February 10, 2022

In Episode 91 of our podcast, we interviewed Dave Rogers and discussed his career within the Navy SEALS, his time spent in politics as well as his journey through life. The interview goes into some of

The Family Liaison Officer Role – An Interview with Moose Mutlow
February 02, 2022

In episode 90 of the PreparedEx podcast, Rob discusses the Family Leason Officer (FLO) role with Moose Mutlow. Moose provides insight into search and rescue emergencies as a trained and experienced FL

COVID Lessons from the UK
January 20, 2022

In episode 89, we interviewed Rob Doran of Black Dog Crisis Management Ltd. Rob discussed the current state of COVID in the UK and the impact it’s having on businesses and society. Rob also spoke abou