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Why Cyber-Security Awareness Videos Help Protect Your Brand and Employees – An Interview with Gabriel Friedlander
September 19, 2022

In episode 105 of the podcast we interviewed Gabriel Friedlander the Founder of Wizer a Cyber-Security Training Company. We spoke about why having a cyber-security awareness program is important as we

10 Reasons Organizations Fail at Crisis Management
August 24, 2022

In this the 104th Episode, Rob discusses 10 Reasons Organizations Fail at Crisis Management. 1 – Not Having a Crisis Management Plan Will Create Unnecessary Chaos 2 – Without a Crisis Leader, You Will

Preparing Organizations for Active Shooter Situations – An Interview with Scott Hemingway
August 10, 2022

In Episode 103 of the podcast Rob interviewed Scott Hemingway who is the Director of Security at the Signature Healthcare system and runs The Hemingway Group a security consulting firm. It was humblin

Preparing for and Responding to Wildfires – An Interview with Austin Cruz
July 27, 2022

In episode 102 of the podcast we interviewed Austin Cruz who a Crisis and Disaster Services Program Manager for an industry leading global aerospace company. Austin provided insight into the challenge

An Update from Rob Burton
July 11, 2022

In Episode 101 of the podcast Rob reflects on 17 years in business, ICMC 2022, as well as his DRJ presentation coming up in the Fall.  

Building a Resilient Business – An Interview with Brian Zawada
June 20, 2022

In our 100th Episode we interviewed Brian Zawada the Chief Strategy Officer of Castellan Solutions. Brian provided insight into his career and the correlation between his work and wine growing which i

Managing Crises in a City That Never Sleeps – An Interview with Kelly McKinney
June 02, 2022

In Episode 99 of the podcast Kelly McKinney discusses how he got into emergency and crisis management back in 2001. Kelly also spoke about the challenging roles throughout his career as well as how he

Receiving Timely Notifications During Critical Events – An Interview with Erik Endress
May 23, 2022

In Episode 98 of the podcast Rob interviews Erik Endress of Share911. Erik discusses the importance of receiving timely and accurate information during those first few seconds of an emergency. Erik al

Critical Decision-Making for Crisis Management Teams – An Interview with Chris Paton
May 03, 2022

Decision making is easy in a predictable and slow-changing world, but we are a long way from that right now.  In episode 97 of the PreparedEx podcast, Chris Paton discusses what effects decision makin

Leading a Crisis from the Eye of a Storm – An Interview with Tony Kaufman
April 21, 2022

In episode 96 Tony Kaufman walks us through his personal experience with managing the Diamond Princess Cruise COVID-19 crisis. Tony, who was a member of the senior leadership at the time of the crisis