Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

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Why I Won’t Be Using the Term CIO Anymore – EP 15
January 18, 2017

I’ve been using the term CIO or Cry It Out for years. I’ve never liked it. It’s pejorative. “Oh…you’re one of those CIO parents. Whelp I’m not, because, y’know, I’m a good parent.” It’s largely meaningless.

Going Back to Work – Feeding Your Child at Daycare – EP 14
December 16, 2016

In this week’s episode, Elisabeth, Franny, and Emily talk about the logistics of feeding your child at daycare. Which seems obvious, you just feed them right? There’s pumping, and formula, and bottle feeding,

Going Back to Work – Napping at Daycare – EP 13
December 06, 2016

For parents, going back to work presents the challenge of finding great daycare. Which seems like an enormous hurdle until you start daycare, at which point you realize the real challenge of daycare is getting your child to actually nap there.

Going Back to Work – Finding Great Daycare – EP 12
November 17, 2016

Most of us are going to go back to work at some point. Some of us return to work sooner than we would like. But across the US and the globe, 60-80% of parents will head back to work eventually. And most people who go back to work will find themselves,

Daylight Savings Survival Podcast – EP 11
November 02, 2016

Will changing the clock for daylight savings time muck up your child’s sleep? In a word: yes. Changing the clocks 1 hour means our body clock and clock time are no longer in sync. However there is a lot you can do to help you and your child navigate da...

Myth Busting Sleep Remedies – EP 10
October 12, 2016

Looking to help your child sleep better? Well I’ve got the solution for your sleepless woes! Step right into my tent here and take a gander at my surefire remedy for whatever sleep problem you have. Baby can’t fall asleep? Try essential oils!

Reader Mailbag – Snooze Buttons, Sleep Training, and Crib Slats – EP 9
September 20, 2016

Got a question? Great – we have answers! We recently asked parents for questions and got ~70 but only had time tackle 12. Luckily, when you manage a Facebook group of 20,000 people you get a really good sense of the types of questions that are common t...

The Swing Method and Pick Up Put Down EP 8
August 18, 2016

There’s been a theme running through our podcasts and no it’s not my propensity to say “um” a lot. It’s that establishing independent sleep is crucial. Not easy, but essential. While there are many methods to foster independent sleep,

When Baby Wakes Up Too Early EP 7
August 04, 2016

Before you had a child, you were probably vaguely aware that kids woke up early. I mean, kindergarten starts early and children must get dressed because nobody is naked on the school bus. Then you had a baby.

What You Need to Know to Diagnose Your Child’s Sleep Struggles EP 6
July 05, 2016

This podcast is essential listening. Full stop. If you want to figure out why your child isn’t sleeping this podcast is going to provide the foundation in sleep to diagnose your specific issue. The world is awash in baby sleep advice.