Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

Precious Little Sleep Parenting Podcast

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What Are Realistic Expectations for Baby Sleep? EP 25
May 28, 2019

Are you crushing the nap schedule or is the nap schedule crushing you? Do you have the right bedtime? Does your child get the sleep they need? Many (and I do mean many) parents are getting hung up on concerns about how their child is sleeping when real...

The Podcast is BACK! EP 24
March 29, 2019

This episode of the Precious Little Sleep podcast brought to you by the Precious Little Sleep Audiobook. Regular listeners might have noticed there haven’t been any new episodes for a while and the reason is because I’ve been busy recording my own audi...

Vermont Public Radio Interview: EP 23
February 15, 2018

A few months ago I finished my book, a 3.5 year effort of sweat, tears, and loneliness (writing is lonely business). But it was worth all the sweating and crying because now I am an author. When you are an author you get membership to secret undergroun...

Airplane Travel with a Baby: EP 22
November 16, 2017

If you are like me you will avoid air travel with your children until they are old enough to vote. But most of you are far more courageous than I am in which case this podcast is for you! In this episode Elisabeth and Franny share their experiences and...

Becoming a Parent: Guilt, Failure, an Unrealistic Standards: EP 21
November 02, 2017

Most people use the 9 months of pregnancy as a time to learn how babies work (generally) and stock up on essential baby gear so they’ll be ready when said baby arrives. The fact that you will become a parent, and this is likely the largest,

Q&A: Co-sleeping, Sleep Associations, and Older Kids – EP 20
May 11, 2017

Podcasting is great because we basically get to opine on whatever topic strikes our fancy. But we’ve committed to periodically do reader/listener Q&A episodes to ensure that we’re hitting topics that are also interesting to you.

7 Unhelpful Baby Sleep Myths – EP 19
April 20, 2017

I often see smart thoughtful parents getting tripped up by the same stumbles time and again. These sleep myths or pervasive beliefs, for lack of a better word, that push parents to do things that are at times unhelpful or even self-sabotaging.

Big Kid Sleep Stumbles – EP 18
March 23, 2017

Babies have multiple hurdles to good sleep but by the time they reach their first birthday they’ll be Level 5 Sleep Wizards and y’all will be sleeping like sloths from there on.   HAHA…no. Children are growing, learning new skills,

What is Up With Infant Wearable Monitors – EP 17
February 16, 2017

Increasingly parents are using infant wearable monitors. These wearable devices are worn as a leg band, sock, or pinned onto the diaper, and claim to monitor your child’s wellbeing by tracking their breathing, pulse rate, blood oxygen levels, etc.

Reader Mailbag Mysterious Night Waking – EP 16
February 01, 2017

What do you do when you cant find the energy to put together a fresh new podcast? ANSWER LISTENER QUESTIONS! Thanks to everybody who sent in questions, which were all thoughtful and interesting.I on