Popular Pig

Popular Pig

The Spanish Market and Consumer Expectations | Oscar Toledano

April 13, 2023

About the Guest

After studying in the University of Lleida School of Agri-food and Forestry Science and Engineering, Oscar worked as a production manager in different large sow farms for 3 year. 22 years ago, joined Rotecna, where he has had the chance to cooperate with pig production and farm construction companies in more than 80 countries. Rotecna develops and manufactures innovative solutions in hog equipment and farm design to help the world’s best pig production companies to produce healthy animals with a great well-being in an efficient, sustainable and profitable way.”

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Oscar Toledano’s background

  • An overview of the Spanish market.

  • How things are done in Spanish pig farms.

  • The consumers’ expectations around welfare and sustainability.

  • Oscar Toledano’s “golden nugget”