Popular Pig

Popular Pig

Griess Farms Founding Story | Nathan Griess

September 14, 2023
About the Guest

Griess Farms, firmly rooted in Faith and nestled in the Heartland of America, Nebraska, stands as a testament to family values and unwavering commitment. Our operational philosophy revolves around farrow-to-wean swine reproduction, with a steadfast dedication to fostering robust and fast-growing wean pigs. Central to our success is our hands-on approach and continuous on-site training, cultivating a culture of effective leadership. At the helm of this enterprise, Marty and Les Griess steer the ship, propelling us towards constant progress. In my role, I wholeheartedly support their endeavors, particularly in the realms of technology and day-to-day on-site leadership. Our proudest achievement lies in producing top-tier wean pigs, a contribution that lays the foundation for superior pork products to be enjoyed by generations to come.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Nathan’s Background and Role at Griess Farms

  • The Evolution of Griess Farms: Triumphs, Challenges, and Progression

  • Technological Advancements Fueling Production Growth

  • Their experience utilizing the PigFlow Platform

  • Nathan Griess’s “golden nugget”