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Consider the Podcast Transcript – PCI 273

December 16, 2021

Union-handsThe more mainstream podcasting becomes, the more insistent the need for transcripts are. We urge you (and ourselves) to consider including the podcast transcript when you publish your episodes. There are various softwares that provide this function including, Audioburst.

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Best Practice

A good FIRST impression goes a long way. Short and sweet podcast intros.

Blubrry News
  • Blog Post: You don’t have to monetize your podcast by Kim Krajci.

  • Affiliate payments including annual bonus will go out this week.

  • We will not be taking off any podcast release days for December, so expect episodes on the 23rd and 30th.

  • The team will be out the following days for the holidays: December 24th and December 31st.
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Question(s) of the Week

Question: When changing the name of your podcast, should you create a whole new account or just change everything on your current account and leave the old episodes?

Answer: Depends… if the rebranded show is on the same subject (or close) then just renaming things and pressing on with all the old episodes still there is the way to go. If the show is majorly different, it’s likely better to kill the show (see last week’s blog post) and start a new one with a new RSS feed.


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