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Podcast App Market Share – PCI 269

November 11, 2021

There are numerous podcast apps and they are all in slight competition with one another. The question is: what podcast app market share does each one hold. Todd and Mike provide their theories on who will come out on top in the future in this episode of Podcast Insider.
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Apple Podcasts has brought back the 'refresh feed’ button

Podcasts becoming people’s go-to for news

Pew Fact Sheet

Molly Wood is leaving APM’s Daily Show.

Edison Research and NPR presented the ‘Spoken Word’ audio report today, catch a replay here.

Podcaster listenership is rising among Black Americans.

On the New Media Show, yesterday Todd said Facebook will be the #2 podcast listening platform in a year.

Best Practice
Figuring out who your target audience is so you can be where they are.
Blubrry News

Blog Post: Blubrry’s March for Show Growth, written by Todd Cochrane

PowerPress 8.7.6 is out, with security and bug fixes.

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Question(s) of the Week
Question: Why am I only getting 7% of my downloads from Spotify, and 50% from Apple, but ‘everyone’ says Spotify has way more market share than that?  
Answer: We can only show what actually happens. NOT what gets reported elsewhere. Across all the shows that Blubrry tracks, we see anywhere from 2-10% market share for Spotify. Other platforms may see higher or lower depending on a lot of factors. Demographics, geography, show type, target audience and many other factors. You are doing nothing wrong.
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