Extras for Your Podcast Listeners – PCI 293

audience crowdHappy Cinco de Mayo! Todd is out and MacKenzie chats with Mike about the come and goings of well known people in podcasting, the failure of Facebook’s podcast integration and how it’s important to provide relevant content and extras for your podcaster listeners — whether that means show notes, blog posts, social media interaction or something else entirely.

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Best Practice

Follow up with relevant content.
By this we mean, post other content on your blog, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. If your podcast listeners are interested in your show they’ll probably be interested in related articles, experiences, etc. Create a more loyal following this way.

Blubrry News

  • Blog post: Analyze Your Stats, STAT! – Tara O’Brien
  • Todd is a keynote speaker and part of a panel for Outlier in Austin.
  • May is a busy month for events for our team and our dev team will be working hard to get some new features released in early summer, so stay tuned.

Blubrry Pro Tip

Podcasters vs. Experts

Question of the Week

Question: I’m struggling with the idea of show notes. I publish a basic summary of each episode but don’t go into detailed show notes. What do you do? Pros and cons? I pretty much do everything on our podcast and to me show notes are just one more thing.

Answer: Keep it simple and keep it routine. Don’t think of it as ‘just one more thing’ but instead as another thing you get to do for your audience and your growth. You get out of your podcast what you put into it. Make a template ahead of the show for the content and let the show notes follow. If you type this out it’s easy to clean it up after recording and then use it for your show notes. Utilize bullets, keywords for SEO and links.


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