Blubrry introduces ‘No-Fault Hosting’

Service allows podcasters to go 25 percent over their storage limit

This week, introduced a new feature to its podcast media hosting called “No-Fault Podcast Hosting” that provides customers complimentary data storage up to 25 percent with their service plan.

No-Fault hosting at

We did this because we found that some of our podcast hosting customers bump against their monthly storage limit on the hosting plan they have paid for time to time most only needing a little extra storage to carry them into the next month.

‘No-Fault Hosting’  gives you a way to go over the storage limit when you need just a little more before their storage resets. For example, if a customer has a 500MB monthly plan with only 25MB remaining and needs to upload a 100MB media file, No-Fault Hosting will allow the customer to upload up to 25 percent over his or her hosting limit.

The service allows the client to go over his or her quota up to 25 percent once each month. Customers that are consistently exceeding their quota should consider upgrading to the next plan. But in most cases, shows will not need to upgrade to the next service level.

The new feature means accounts will no longer have to change their final episode size to fit the quota, and provides enough flexibility to the podcaster so he or she can focus on creativity rather than storage space.

In addition, starting Aug. 1, quotas will be reset on the first of each month, making it easier for customers to manage their quota storage. Blubrry Podcast Hosting is designed for independent content creators and hosting plans are strictly based on storage and bandwidth. For commercial shows or those needing high bandwidth solutions we offer a separate professional hosting.

We want to continue to innovate and give podcasters the best hosting and media statistics in the podcasting space. No one does more for podcasters than our team of experts.