Mobile on in to

Palm Pre MobileYou’re going to like this! But you’ll have to wait just a little. We have been working on some new features on the mobile portion of that we will soon announce.

In the meantime, we updated the mobile site to support the Palm Pre browser presentation; an upgrade our listeners turned us on to. We wanted to get the word out so all of you with a Pre know that you can now visit and get access to all the great podcasts on the site.

Blubrry supports a variety of mobile browsers and your input on how to make your podcasting experience more valuable is greatly appreciated. Drop us a line at with any insights and desires and/or to report any glitches. It’s important to us and to our podcast family!

With five developers working on myriad new features and services, the final months of 2009 are going to be exciting. While I want to spill the beans on the new mobile features, the team would slap me around if I told you about the cool features coming to Blubrry. Rest assured, however, that they will make all of our community members happy and we’re pretty psyched about that. We’ll keep you posted!;)