Just how easy is it to make money with your Podcast?

People ask me all the time how do they get involved with ad deals with RawVoice and our associated sites. Here are the simple steps you need to complete to have a chance at an ad deal.

  1. Signup for Blubrry.com
  2. Complete your show Profile
  3. Complete the Ad Survey in your Account Profile
  4. Check out the current deals we have available
  5. Apply for a Current deal start making money today

If you do not like our current deals, once you have filled out the ad survey (step 3) we will then shop your show for a sponsor. Generally, we will put your show into the queue for the next quarter.

We currently have a great deal of ad inventory in both CPM and CPA-type ad buys. The CPM buys are generally run quarterly but many of our podcasters have had advertising non-stop for over 3 years. Our CPM buys have paid as high as $52.00 per 1000 downloads as measured by our free stats service.

We are very fair as compared to other companies, Podcasters get 70% of the ad cut. We also do not lock you into any ridiculous contracts, and you are free to find additional advertising unlike some other companies in the space.

Does your Podcast already have a sponsor? Would that sponsor like more exposure? Introduce that sponsor to us and if we sign an additional contract you get paid a handsome 10% finders fee for the first year of contracts.