Getting the Most out of Blubrry

The team at RawVoice has worked very hard to make the Blubrry site a great place for listeners to find and consume media. We have watched listeners behavior on the website and made changes to make it easier to use, yet keep the advanced features in place for those that are dedicated users of the website.


The same can be said for those that actually list their shows here, we provide opportunities for them to have rich media listings by uploading their branding into their show profiles and to have detailed show descriptions while at the same time not putting advertising around their listings.


Many podcasters take advantage of these branding opportunities, and complete their show profiles so that when people are looking for content they are able to find it through their completed profiles.


So while we think we have afforded both listeners and podcasters with a great opportunity by being listed on the site we also want to know what you think. The RawVoice team is going to be meeting soon to lay out our 2008 goals, and we want to hear from you what you think we need to do to make Blubrry a richer experience.


Send your comments to and I will present them to the team in the next couple of weeks.