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3 End-of-Year Demand Planning Moves to Make Right Now
December 10, 2019

Year-end… A time to kick back and relax. But not entirely. These last couple weeks are the perfect downtime to squeeze some low-hanging fruit from your year’s efforts. Today’s episode offers 3 strategic year-end moves your demand planning team should m...

How to Reduce Inventory 10% in 90 Days
November 13, 2019

In distribution, managing inventory is a beast. Competition is relentless and supply, wickedly unpredictable. So you stock up. At some point, executives notice the high cost of this and demand an urgent inventory reduction. You start to sweat.

The Role of AI in Price Optimization
October 23, 2019

Pricing shapes demand and demand shapes pricing. Traditionally, the two were much more separate discussions. Today, the power of AI creates an opportunity to blend price optimization strategy with demand forecasting to create a value multiplier for dis...

Moving Your Inventory Team from Defense to Offense
October 08, 2019

Today in Episode 10 we are sitting with two former inventory analysts who have now evidently turned into offensive coordinators! Welcome, Sven Aunapu and Dan Craddock. Sven is Director of LifeLine Services and Analytics, joined by Dan,

The First 100 Days on Your Supply Chain Management Solution
September 11, 2019

Proven Steps to Accelerate the ROI of Your Supply Chain Solution Introduction Welcome back to the PlanningPosts Podcast! Today we’re not just talking about demand forecasting, or new items, or deal buys. Episode 9 focuses on how getting a great start t...

Let’s Finally Get Serious About Optimizing New Item Inventory
August 28, 2019

Today’s PlanningPosts chat is with long-time veteran in the inventory optimization world, Tracy Coon, Director – Business Consulting at Blue Ridge, along with PlanningPosts evangelist Dan Craddock, on the topic of Optimizing New Items.

Driving Value with AI in Supply Chain Planning
August 07, 2019

How can the most optimal demand planning and inventory optimization models be combined with AI and machine learning to improve profitably and efficiency?

Bad Pricing Optimization Strategies: What’s That Smell?
July 17, 2019

PlanningPosts Podcast Episode 6

How To Create a Culture for Innovative Forward Buying – Feat. Henry Schein Inc.
July 05, 2019

Episode 5: How to Create a Culture for Innovative Forward Buying - Feat. Henry Schein Inc.

10 Steps to a World-Class Inventory Planning Team
June 25, 2019

Episode 4 - The PlanningPosts Podcast