Taking IPv6 by the horns

March 02, 2022

In our ninth episode, APNIC's Chief Scientist, Geoff Huston, and I chat with Reliance Jio's Senior Executive Vice President, Mr Nagaraj, who oversees the design, architecture and engineer of Jio's IP network as well as operational support.

With more than 420 million mobile users and 260 million cable users, Reliance Jio has grown to become one of the largest telcos in the world in less than a decade. How were they able to do this in the age of IPv4 exhaustion? By deploying IPv6 from the get-go. Mr Nagaraj takes us through the discussions he had in convincing his management and vendors to go IPv6 and the future of the Jio network, including working more closely with content providers to bring content closer to users than before.

You can also read an abbreviated transcript of this discussion on the APNIC Blog:

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