Latest Episodes

How will the saga of IPv6 end?
June 22, 2022

This is not about v4 vs v6 anymore. It’s about the evolution up the stack into application-centric networking.

Leave your preconceptions at the door: Challenges and opportunities for the Internet routing system
June 08, 2022

Understanding the challenges associated with the use of semantic routing and other decisive proposals may unlock the potential of the network layer.

Why a resolverless DNS makes sense
May 25, 2022

Resolverless DNS is not a change in the common infrastructure of the DNS itself. It’s a change in the way applications can use the DNS to increase the level of control applications have over the user experience with the application.

Do government networks have a role to play in deploying RPKI?
May 11, 2022

The status or RPKI in Australia and New Zealand

Korea v. Content Provider: When the customer isn’t always right
April 27, 2022

Disputes between carriers and content providers have been happening for centuries. So what different with this new case?

What will resource security look like in the next 30 years?
April 13, 2022

What does the future of RPKI, IRR, ASPA and BGPsec look like?

Certificate revocation is broken, long live certificate revocation
March 30, 2022

Does X.509 certificate revocation work as intended, or even work at all?

Peering into the arteries of the Internet
March 16, 2022

Studying submarine cables helps to understand health and future of Internet routing

Taking IPv6 by the horns
March 02, 2022

Reliance Jio shares its experience deploying IPv6

Journeying into XDP
February 16, 2022

XDP allows you to have more control over the DNS