Pilgrim's Progress

Pilgrim's Progress

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Life Is Only IN Jesus
August 19, 2022

Join us for our weekly prayer meeting held live earlier this afternoon!

A Heaven To Win
August 18, 2022

Are you an overcomer in Jesus? Are you willing to pay the price of an overcomer? That's the only path to vicctory...

Please Jesus, Give Me Back My Heart
August 17, 2022

Today's broadcast is the third in our series on Samson and deals with the divided heart. Is your heart divided???

August 16, 2022

Do you hear the call of the Holy Spirit to awaken from slumber?

Can You Be Awakened?
August 15, 2022

The title will make sense once you listen to the message today. Are you willing to be awakened???

Blessed Hour Of Prayer
August 12, 2022

Our prayer meeting changed into a reading from the book Rees Howells, Intercessor.

The Heart of the Father – 2006
August 11, 2022

Do you have a Godly fear of our Father or do you still have a heart of anger and bitterness?

Can We Ever Get Clean?
August 10, 2022

Today's message is a warning to go away to the bottom and let Jesus have the victory. What will you dear one???

No Compromise!
August 09, 2022

It's time to tear all the idols down and not compromise with darkness in any way, are you willing to join in?

Tear Down That Idol!
August 08, 2022

You may be shocked as you listen and the Holy Spirit identifies idols in your heart.