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6 Facts Parents Don’t Know About Pediatric Ear Infections (Archived Pedcast)
October 27, 2019

Photograph provided by Pixabay, Holger Kraft   - Here are 6 childhood ear infection facts that parents often don't know. How do I know that many parents don't know these things you ask... because I've been practicing pediatrics for 37 years ,

Great Kids Don’t Just Happen (Book Review Pedcast by Sonya Williams)
October 20, 2019

I thought it would be tacky to review my own book so I asked Sonya Williams to do the job. Sonya is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in bio-engineering and plans to attend medical school in 2020.

7 Dubious Health Honors American Children Own (Pedcast)
October 06, 2019

American children have some of the worst health statistics in the world. Find out where American children need to improve.    - The following pedcast is an archived pedcast, first published April 2, 2019 - Image by Sasin Tipchai and Pixaby Images.

Cribsheet by Emily Oster (Book Review Pedcast)
September 30, 2019

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0525559256/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=docsmcom-20&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=0525559256&linkId=611e528a5d47129357d5f0e6995bae2b -   - Emily Oster is back with a second data-centered book,

Do’s and Don’ts of Raising Smart/Successful Children (Pedcast)
September 22, 2019

Looking for ways to increase your children's chances of success in life?  Look no more.    - The following is an archived pedcast, first published in April 2019. Feature image by Ludi of Pixabay - Introduction -

3 Parenting Missteps That Can Harm Your Children (Pedcast)
September 15, 2019

Image Provided by Pixabay   - Knowing your own blind spots is an important aspect of being an effective parent.  I have been watching my own family, as well as thousands of others for the past four decades,

Money Saving Tips for New Parents (Pedcast)
September 08, 2019

(Image provided by Pixaby)   Raising an infant is an expensive and daunting task for new parents. Listen to these money saving tips from Doc Smo that might save your family thousands of dollars. - Archived pedcast, originally posted July 10, 2017.

Newly Recognized Dangers of Video Gaming for Your Children (Pedcast)
August 31, 2019

(Image by Pixabay)   - According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a growing phenomenon on college campuses- video game addiction leading to college failure and other horrible consequences. And it is not rare!

No More Lost Kids, w/ Pastor Ken (Pedcast)
August 25, 2019

The following is an archived pedcast, originally posted March 14, 2015. - Listen to my interview with Pastor Ken Gilliard, the founder of an innovative program for disadvantaged children in Charlotte, NC. Today he talks about "A Better World",

The Right and Wrong Ways to Tame Your Young Child’s Tantrums? (Pedcast)
August 19, 2019

  Introduction  Anyone who spends much time around toddlers and young preschoolers, knows that they can frequently manifest behavior that is downright beastly. So, in today's pedcast, we are going to talk about understanding and managing their beastl...