PCC, Sustain Me!

PCC, Sustain Me!

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Episode #14 ~ Juliana v US Climate Trial of the Century, IPCC & WWF Reports, & the Extinction Rebellion
November 21, 2018

There’s a lot going on out there in the world these days. Here’s a look at some of the more interesting stuff…

Episode #13 ~ On Being an Accomplice and Not Just an Ally w/ La Loba Loca & 10th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering
November 13, 2018

Well now, this past weekend was the 10th Annual Portland Plant Medicine Gathering, held in Southwest Portland at the National University of Natural Medicine. I was excited to attend this conference as it has been on my radar for the past ten years and ...

Episode #12 ~ It’s Election Day! Get Your Vote On! And Learn About the Portland Clean Energy Initiative from Jenny Lee!
November 06, 2018

It’s here! Today! The 2018 mid-term elections are happening and this is going to be a BIG day for this country called the United States of America. This may or may not be one of the more important election cycles in current times… Either way you slice ...

Episode #11 ~ featuring Dr. Heather Hackman from Hackman Consulting Group
October 30, 2018

I first experienced Dr. Heather Hackman and her incredibly accessible presentation style at AASHE 2017 in San Antonio. Her ability to help people see how intrinsically connected social justice and environmental sustainability work is and how important ...

Episode #10 ~ A Conversation with PCC President Mark Mitsui
October 23, 2018

  Well hello! There’s a couple reason’s I’m pretty stoked right now. One is that this is the 10th episode of the podcast and the other is that I had the pleasure of talking with the president of our college Mark Mitsui to help mark this milestone in th...

Episode #9 ~ Power, Privilege, & The IPCC Report
October 16, 2018

This episode is in response to a few current issues that are circulating in our local and global public spheres. The most recent one being the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and their report which says we basically have 12 yea...

Episode #8 ~ AASHE 2018 ~ Kate Rayner Fried & The Ethics of Care
October 09, 2018

  So, the AASHE 2018 Conferene & Expo just wrapped up, The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education had this years annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I must say, that is a beautiful part of this planet.

Episode #7 ~ Renea Perry & Portland’s 1st Annual Tribal Nations Summit
October 02, 2018

Thank you for tuning in, folks. I am pleased to report that on the morning of Friday, September 28th, on what was a rather warm early autumn day, with clear blue skies and the moon still showing in the sky off to the west,

Episode #6 ~ Teri Fane n’ Joe Culhane getting ready to go to AASHE 2018!
September 25, 2018

Well now, this episode veers a wee bit away from the more formal format of the first handful of episodes. Teri Fane, the Student Body President of PCC Cascade Campus and I had ourselves a wonderfully candid, honest,

Episode #5 ~ 2018 Eco Challenge & GPSEN Website Launch w/ David Macek
September 19, 2018

Can you feel it? The Autumn Equinox is just around the bend. The sun is setting earlier each day, encouraging us to rest up and get a good nights sleep. There’s that brisk and invigorating chill in the air,