Paykiiwikay - The Metis Culture Podcast

Paykiiwikay - The Metis Culture Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 10: Vincent Ahenakew - The Story of Northern Michif
May 17, 2021

How Vince Ahenakew is leading the charge to revitalize the Northern Michif language

Episode 9: Amy Briley - Traditional Metis Beadwork and Sewing
May 04, 2021

The history and traditions of Metis beadwork, one of the defining aspects of Métis culture.

Episode 8: Cort Dogniez - Teaching Michif to Urban Métis
April 20, 2021

How to Keep the Michif Language Alive in Urban Settings

Episode 7: Elder Joanna Potiyondi - Métis Horse Culture
April 06, 2021

The Metis are one of the worlds great equestrian cultures. And Joanna Potiyondi's roots go back to the earliest days of Cuthbert Grant and the buffalo hunt

Episode 6: Métis Fiddling with Adam Daigneault
March 23, 2021

Award-winning Métis musician Adam Daigneault talks about his love of traditional Métis fiddle music, his influences and mentors in northern Saskatchewan, the centuries long history of the fiddle in the northwest and its importance to Métis people.

Episode 5: Elder Norman Fleury - The history of Michif and Metis Nation.
March 09, 2021

The author of the Michif Dictionary takes us on a deep dive into the history of the Michif language from its earliest roots in the fur trade up to the present day.

Episode 4: Chef Jenni Lessard - Michif Culture in Traditional and Contemporary Cooking
February 23, 2021

One of Canada's leading chefs and Indigenous food experts on why making traditional Métis foods, including the harvesting of local ingredients, helps contribute to the preservation of Michif language and identity.

Episode 3: Calvin Racette - The Michif Language, Loss and Redemption
February 09, 2021

Elder Calvin Racette explores the stories of language loss and its impact on the Métis community.

Episode 2: Andrea Menard - Promoting Michif Language Through Art
January 26, 2021

Award winning Métis singer, songwriter, performer, actor, and writer Andrea Menard explores how she is working to promote the use of Michif language, teachings, and worldview through her own contemporary artistic practice.

Episode 1: Michif History, Language and Culture featuring Russell Fayant
November 19, 2020

Leading Michif language and culture educator on why the language of the Metis matters.