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Party With Lance (The 1st Video! Struggling & Appreciating) – Episode 18
September 18, 2020 Whoa, it’s been pretty much exactly 6 months since I last put out a podcast. Where does the time go? The world is the craziest it’s ever been (at least in my lifetime). Anywho,

Party With Lance (Maybe Some Things You’re Feeling Too?) – Episode 17
April 18, 2020

Ooof, sorry for the delay on this one folks. I took a little break due to the world going wonky. I had planned to get going after a couple weeks, but then was just having trouble getting motivated. I mean does anyone have to explain themselves in these...

Party With Lance (The first time I met Dave Chappelle) – Episode 16
March 08, 2020

Lots of news going on this week that has some relevance to a few experiences I've had in the past. I talk about my encounter with James Lipton as well as my time interning at Hardball with Chris Matthews and what that was like.

Party With Lance (It Looks Easy If It’s Done Well) – Episode 15
March 01, 2020

Episode 15 is all the rage. That's what they are saying at least. Who's saying it? Me. Is it really all the rage? Sure! You say it, and so it is. I can't believe I've done 15 episodes with zero guests. Unreal, but we made it! I don't know,

Party With Lance (Fifteen years of stand-up!) – Episode 14
February 23, 2020

Episode 14 is the first episode that hasn't come out within a week timespan. I had a super productive & busy week and then also was just feeling tired so I fell a little behind. Anywho, here it goes! - In this episode,

Party With Lance (Valentine’s Day Edition!) – Episode 13
February 14, 2020

Releasing this podcast on Valentine's Day, 2020! Whooooo!, Does it have much to do with Valentine's? Not really, we talk about it a little bit at the end, but we're also covering a whole bunch of other cool stuff here too!

Party With Lance (Nobody BBQs in winter) – Episode 12
February 08, 2020

This week's podcast takes something of a lighter approach in tone. Nothing too serious going down here. Just wasn't into that sort of thing this week. That's what makes this a cool medium. You can put it out however you want. I get into some topics,

Party With Lance (The time I broke my leg) – Episode 11
February 01, 2020

Wow, are these some wild times going on in the government right now or what! It's totally bonkers. After the vote today by the Senate to not include witnesses in the Impeachment trial, our country will never be the same. It's quite scary actually.

Party With Lance (Our country will never be the same) – Episode 10
January 24, 2020

I'm listening to The Dixie Chicks as I type this. I forgot how awesome they were and still are! What an amazing group. Feeling pretty good this week and still excited for 2020. I have so many ideas and projects that I'm working on and I'm excited to sh...

Party With Lance (Storms bring us together) – Episode 9
January 18, 2020

Sorry for the delay in the episode this week. I was having some audio technical difficulties this week, but I think I got them all hammered out. Also, had a little bit of a tough personal week which I touch on a little bit in this episode that also put...