Party With Lance (Fifteen years of stand-up!) – Episode 14

February 23, 2020

Episode 14 is the first episode that hasn’t come out within a week timespan. I had a super productive & busy week and then also was just feeling tired so I fell a little behind. Anywho, here it goes!

In this episode, we cover these topics (and a few more):

  • Really struggling this week – just tired.
  • My ranking of the Democratic candidates during the debate.
  • 15 years of doing stand-up / My beginnings of doing stand-up comedy.
  • Trying things leads to learning which leads to progress.
  • We really don’t know that much about the brain.
  • Salutations in the North vs. the South and some other differences.
  • Some thoughts on NYC banning single use plastic bags beginning March 1st, 2020.
  • Why does music move our bodies?
  • Slipping on a banana peel / many uses of a banana. Watch out for puddles & holes.
  • Tips on curing a headache.

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