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How to Take Feedback (PT142)

July 08, 2019

Alex and Nick discuss how to take feedback in your TV writing. Whether you're on staff or working on your own projects, why and how should you take notes, and when should you say no?

Why is it important to be malleable with your TV scripts? What are the differences in approaching notes as a staff writer and with your own material? How do you deconstruct feedback and understand what needs to be fixed? How should you take a note? When is it worth saying no? How do you reject a note?

1 - The mindset of receiving criticism (00:23)
2 - Why and how to take a note (07:26)
3 - Deconstructing feedback and "the note behind the note" (15:10)
4 - Why and how to reject a note (20:16)
Takeaways and Next Week On (27:28)

Feedback and Notes: Building Your Reading Onion (PT08)

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