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Paper Team

Getting Noticed From Outside the Industry ft. Joey Tuccio (Roadmap Writers) (PT104)

September 10, 2018

Alex and Nick invite Joey Tuccio, CEO of Roadmap Writers, to discuss ways of establishing yourself as a writer when you're starting from outside the entertainment industry.

How can someone outside LA get noticed as a writer? What can writers do to position themselves for success before trying to break in? What traits do succesful Roadmap writers share? How can writers make the most of their meetings with executives and reps? What are the biggest challenges for aspiring writers breaking in now?

The Paper Team looks at their roadmap...

Starting in LA, selecting what to write, creating a writer's brand, learning from your peers, finding a mentor, using social media, meeting with executives, being a "human first", finding a rep, using intellectual property (00:54)
Final Advice, Resources, and Next Week On (40:35)

Joey Tuccio on Instagram
Roadmap Writers
Roadmap's Career Writer Programs
"How the horror short 'Lights Out' went from 3-minute film to Hollywood feature" - Los Angeles Times
Roadmap's Page Analysis

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