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Paper Team

TV Staffing 101 (PT101)

August 13, 2018

Alex and Nick go over what you need to know about how TV writers get jobs in a writers' room, and how you can best prepare yourself for this process. From samples to showrunner meetings, get tips and advice on getting staffed.

What is staffing season in TV? What are staffing differences between broadcast and cable? How is a TV writers' room staffed? How do the network, the studio, the production company and the showrunner work on hiring the room? What are ways to ace a staffing meeting? How should you prep for TV staffing?

The Paper Team plays musical chairs...


What is staffing season (00:46)
Process of staffing and acing the meetings (11:31)
Preparing for staffing season (25:01)
Takeaways and Resources (30:08)

Meetings 101: Generals and TV Staffing (PT62)

"Staffing-Season Brides" - Jane Espenson

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