Gigi in the 561

Gigi in the 561

Latest Episodes

Myths and Dragons
February 10, 2024

How's your plant IQ?

Stop That, Do This, Green Flags
February 06, 2024

Does your kitchen measure up?

Travel Bistro: Hop To It, Obscure Travel
February 01, 2024

Book a ticket on a seaplane.

Dad, 3Dog, A Park, Magical Music
January 31, 2024

The beat goes on.

The Pea-nuttiest, Fake Feet Shoes, Barbie Snub
January 23, 2024

How many PB&Js have you eaten?

Travel Bistro: No Go Travel, Traveling Closet
January 20, 2024

Take these places off your bucket list.

Air Woman, Live Like Lego, Shoe Power
January 18, 2024

Power line adornments.

Sushi Sensation, Falling Phones, Music Mood
January 11, 2024

16,000 feet and still working.

Five Foods -- One Day, More Thank Mouthwash
January 09, 2024

Staycations and travel tips.

Art In Life, Straighten UP, No Ramen
January 05, 2024

The beauty of paper.