Gigi in the 561

Gigi in the 561

Latest Episodes

Riley Shops the Vintage Stores
July 02, 2022

Ceramic poultry is the rage.

Ketchup Pops, Slug It and Dead Voices
June 29, 2022

Using Alexa from the Great Beyond.

Rockin' Brian, Sir Paul and Gerry
June 21, 2022

Confessions of a rock music writer.

Blinkist, Flagging Andy and Rebel Girl
June 20, 2022

Plus phone yes, TV no.

The Name Game, Buzz and Dog Drama
June 17, 2022

Plus why then fuss over a holiday?

Watching Scouts, J Lo and Church
June 16, 2022

Plus Delta walks its back.

Jellie Feet and Pearls for Him?
June 14, 2022

Plus tiny houses and Jack and Coke in a can.

Arctic Chill and Covid Dogs
June 03, 2022

Plus a tropical storm frenzy.

Meet Shani Simpson
May 31, 2022

An interview with the Program Director at the West Palm Beach Center for Arts and Technology.

Welcome to the Neighborhood
May 28, 2022

North Palm Marina's Outdoor Lounge is open.