Gigi in the 561

Gigi in the 561

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Arresting Librarians, Ban Nancy Drew
April 29, 2024

Let readers decide for themselves.

Travel Bistro :Sweet Embassy Suites, Travel Near
April 24, 2024

Staycations may be just the ticket.

Travel Bistro: Iconic Birdy, Stress To Travel or Not
April 21, 2024

Tips for keeping travel fun.

My Podcast 101, Minimal Pressure, Respect
April 19, 2024

Plus, ever had a sandwich cake?

Travel Bistro: Champagne Flights, Cheap Food
April 15, 2024

What airlines offer in the way of bubbly.

Sideways Is 20; Payne Gives Thumbs Up To Merlot
April 12, 2024

The movie that put Napa Valley on the map.

Travel Bistro: Tahiti, Part Two: Adventuring Done Right
April 07, 2024

A guide to shore excursions.

Travel Bistro: Dreams of Tahiti in French Polynesia, Part One
April 06, 2024

An adventure in French Polynesia.

Kingii Floats You, Black Tattoos, Substack It Up
April 01, 2024

That's gotta hurt.

Ships With Wings, Cow Feet, Burgers and Donuts
March 27, 2024

Plus the end of Dollar Tree?