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Jeff Clark: Hitting Paydirt in Mining Stocks

April 28, 2023

Tom welcomes Jeff Clark back to the show! Jeff is the Founder of and author of the new book “Paydirt.” He started outlining the book during Covid, with the goal of making it entertaining and engaging, yet simple and straightforward. Sixteen other experts from the industry also contributed to the book.

Jeff believes we are on the cusp of another bull market cycle, and mining is one of the few areas left with good return potential. When it enters the mania phase, he won’t hesitate to sell, as it’s important to lock in profits. He urges investors to not be afraid to sell miners, as they should be seen as girlfriends rather than wife material.

Jeff then explains the Lassonde Curve and how it can help investors understand where a mining equity is during the lifecycle of a developing project. He also stresses the importance of discipline when positioning, recognizing red flags in miners, and taking advice from those in the industry.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Learning how to pick good miners and why Jeff wrote “Paydirt”.
  • Why excellent opportunity remains in the mining sector.
  • Important lessons from geologists and timing in the mining cycle.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – Paydirt Picking Miners
4:08 – Passion & Opportunity
6:34 – Gold Rush Mind Set
9:13 – Gold, Silver, or Stocks
12:18 – Miners & Insomnia
14:53 – Phase of the Cycle
18:12 – Lessons & Gains
19:27 – Silver Demand & Uses
22:15 – Energy & Industrial Uses
24:05 – Silver & Fuel Rods
25:45 – Metals & Price
27:10 – Geologist Lessons
30:05 – The Lassonde Curve
33:20 – Timing & Mining Cycle
36:46 – Royalty & Streaming?
38:36 – The Deal Breakers
40:36 – Portfolio & Discipline
42:54 – Entry and Exits
44:42 – Information Resources
46:16 – Paydirt & Wrap Up

Guest Links:

Jeff Clark is an accomplished metals and mining analyst, author and speaker, recognized as a global authority on precious metals. His roots in the industry are deep, with an award-winning gold panner father and family-owned mining claims in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Jeff has just authored his new book “Paydirt!” which is available at Jeff is an active investor and writer, and has previously served as senior editor for the renowned publication BIG GOLD, as well as Senior Precious Metals Analyst for Hard Assets Alliance and a Senior Editor for Casey Research. He is currently on the board at Strategic Wealth Preservation, a bullion storage facility in Grand Cayman, and provides analysis and market commentary for Jeff is a regular conference speaker, including at Cambridge House and Sprott Resources events, the Silver Summit, and many others.