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Jay Martin: Protecting From The Trajectory of Chaos and Uncertainty

December 07, 2022

Tom welcomes Jay Martin, President & CEO of Cambridge House International and Host of the Jay Martin Show, to the program.

Jay discussed the risks associated with becoming overly attached to an asset, emphasizing the need to understand that an asset won’t love you back and that you will eventually be proven wrong. He acknowledged the importance of having physical gold for personal sovereignty and to help one sleep at night.

Gold is being sought after by both individual investors and major corporations and central banks, which speaks to the desire for independence and autonomy. Companies with strong resource equity returns are those with the right people involved, but the risk remains. Jay then pointed to the Canadian Federal and Provincial governments, where Trudeau has made headlines for the wrong reasons, and the energy situation in Europe, which is full of distrust and has yet to be resolved.

Finally, Jay shared his beliefs that we are overdue for a secular commodity run, though he remains concerned about near-term pain. Ultimately, he suggests that gold is a reliable asset to have in one’s portfolio to maintain personal sovereignty and have peace of mind.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:53 – Questioning Narratives
3:30 – Emotion & Taking Profits
4:34 – Physicals Importance
7:57 – Loan From Yourself
11:03 – Macro Risks & Holdings
13:08 – Resource Equities
16:07 – Thinking Clearly
17:20 – Canadian Problems
22:04 – Projection & Narratives
27:12 – Energy Crisis & Europe
35:29 – Nuclear Bets
38:41 – Commodity Supercycle
42:30 – Inflation & Hard Assets
50:01 – The Sovereign Mindset
53:32 – Risk Tolerance?
56:53 – Good Habits
59:36 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

  • Importance of staying detached from investments and keeping sentiment in check.
  • Having physical gold as a method of improving your personal sovereignty.
  • Energy outlook for Europe and the coming resource supercycle.

Guest links:

Jay Martin is the President & CEO of Cambridge House International Inc.

His ideal day begins with a hard workout followed by dark coffee and a couple of hours to read anything related to futurism and geopolitics.

Since 2011 he has expanded Cambridge House from Canada’s leading junior mining conferences to become Canada’s most recognizable brand in public venture capital. Today, Cambridge House produces the largest investment conferences in the country in both technology and natural resources and hosts the largest video library of investment content in Canada.

Jay sits on the board of the Entrepreneur Organization, a global business community of over 12,000 leading entrepreneurs in 53 countries worldwide.