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Anthony Milewski: The Untold Story of Carbon and ESG and How it Will Affect Mines in the Future

July 03, 2020

Tom welcomes Anthony Milewski back to the program to discuss the carbon credit markets and the growing implications for mining companies. Carbon is a big market with upwards of $250 billion traded annually, and he discusses the two types of markets. The voluntary market is a lot easier to gain exposure than the regulated markets. The idea is that over time, companies will be incentivized financially to find cleaner operating methods.

He feels that mining companies need to take more notice of how this could change their industry. Anthony feels that these environmental requirements will only increase with time. He mentions that mines have been able to become carbon neutral by sequestering carbon or planting forests.

Anthony discusses the E.V. and battery metals markets and why the drop in demand should be temporary. Eventually, copper will get a bid either from a recovery or additional infrastructure spending.

Lastly, he argues that the mining industry needs to be more inclusive.

Time Stamp References:0:40 - Carbon market and the environment.6:10 - Carbon neutral trend and mines.8:40 - Carbon market and exposure.12:00 - Current demand picture for battery metals.15:25 - Cobalt and Glencore18:25 - Summer reading list20:20 - Thoughts on ESG and diversity.

Talking Points From This Episode

* Carbon market and investing in carbon credits.* The carbon market can change the economics of mines.* E.V market and the effects on nickel, lithium, and copper markets.* Summer reading list.

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Anthony Milewski is an entrepreneur and financier. He has spent his career in various aspects of the mining industry, including as a company director, advisor, founder, and investor. In particular, he has been active in commodities that further the decarbonization of society. Mr. Milewski has managed and financed numerous mining investments at various stages of development, including exploration, development, production, and turnaround situations, and across a broad range of commodities. He has also serves as a director of both public and private companies.

Mr. Milewski currently serves as the Chairman of Conic Metals. Previously he served as the Chairman and CEO of Cobalt 27, a Managing Director of the investment team at Pala Investments, and before that at Firebird Management LLC. He has lived and worked in Africa and Russia, including a year as a Fulbright scholar, and has spent considerable time in Central Asia.

Anthony holds a B.A. in Russian history from Brigham Young University, an M.A. in Russian and Central Asian Studies from the University of Washington, and a J.D. from the University of Washington. He holds an LLM from the Russian Academy of Sciences.