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Patrick Karim: Technical Analysis Confirms Major Turning Point in Silver

June 03, 2020

Tom welcomes a new guest Patrick Karim who is a proprietary capital manager and chart trader. He discusses how investors should remove or reduce emotion in trading and think about the long-term.

Patrick is relatively new to the gold sector, and he describes the methodology he uses when looking at a new asset class. You want to look for synergy between stocks, which will indicate when things are breaking out.

Patrick likes Stan Weinstein's book on stage analysis and discusses how it gives you a trading plan and the ability to be on the right side of a trend. He explains how you can get a lot of information from a chart.

He sees a multi-year trend where silver will make new highs year after year. The trend for silver is heading upwards.

Time Stamp References:0:35 - Avoiding emotion in trading.3:55 - Studying new asset classes.7:30 - More resources for trading.12:10 - Gold vs. S&P14:00 - Indexes and COT reports18:50 - Silver outlook and the ratio.21:00 - Chart targets for gold/silver.

Talking Points From This Episode

* Asset classes and technical analysis.* Stage analysis and trading systems.* Silver nearing multi-year uptrend cycle.

Patrick Karim is a proprietary capital manager and chart trader since 2006. Patrick's background in commerce, psychology, and an ongoing career in systems engineering has allowed him to achieve a systematic approach to evaluating trading scenarios.

His background in psychology helps with understanding the human factor, ex: overcoming stress, which is mostly responsible for maintaining a successful career.

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