Our SKU'D View

Our SKU'D View

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Season 2 Preview – We’re Back!
August 29, 2019

Emily and Chris can barely hold in their excitement for the return of Our SKU’D View! Season 2 of the podcast promises to be bigger, with more guests, on-site episodes, special interviews and more! - If you have any ideas or topics you would like to s...

Should Brands Create Blog Posts?
June 28, 2019

Is blogging actually good for your brand’s content marketing strategy? What are the benefits of writing blog posts for your brand? In this episode of Our SKU’D View, Emily and Chris cover this topic from the point of view of a manufacturer,

Digital Marketing Strategy for Seasonal Sales (with Nate Smathers)
June 14, 2019

If you've been in the home furnishings industry long enough, you’ll know the biggest revenue shifts happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Well, Nate Smathers joins Emily and Chris to instruct that to make the biggest impact,

Inspire Innovation in Your Marketing Team
May 31, 2019

Coming up with new sales promotions or new campaign ideas can be difficult at times. In this episode, Emily and Chris discuss some ways to keep your marketing teams energized and innovating. Discussion points include: -

How to Find and Keep the Best Employees
May 17, 2019

You asked and we listened. Join Emily as she brings in two Talent and Recruitment experts, Tracy Barber and Carly Kincaid to talk about how to make the right hiring choices. We’ll talk about places you can find good talent for your business,

A Year of Furniture Marketing (with Ken Widger)
May 03, 2019

Emily and Ken zip through the last 15 months of digital marketing at MicroD. Since the new digital marketing division was created, what were the lessons we learned and what changes happened in the furniture retail industry related to marketing. Plus,

High Point Market Recap – Spring 2019
April 19, 2019

In this episode, Chris whines about missing High Point Market, while Emily gives a great wrap-up of some of the topics of interest that came up repeatedly from both the retailers and manufacturers we spoke to. - We briefly go over: Logistics,

Managing Your Furniture Retail Budget in 2019 (with Richard Sexton)
April 12, 2019

Richard Sexton, Chief Product Officer at MicroD, has a secret for retailers when it comes to budget. In this episode, listen as Emily asks Richard the big questions about budget, financials, and the ways furniture retailers should be managing cash flow...

Is Brick and Mortar Retail Dying? (with Nate Smathers)
April 05, 2019

Nate Smathers works with a lot of retailers who are asking a lot of questions about the future. With so many questions and uncertainty about the future of brick and mortar retail, Nate wrote a love letter to retailers.

Remarketing with Google (with Rich Barker)
March 29, 2019

Remarketing. It's that phrase you've heard over and over again from marketing teams. But what is remarketing? If you're looking for answers and want to learn how to get started with remarketing, this is the episode for you. -