Inspiring life despite a diagnosis

Inspiring life despite a diagnosis

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Katherine and Jeff: 2 with a Fatal Form of Dwarfism
December 06, 2018

Both of their daughters were diagnosed in utero with a fatal form of Dwarfism. They chose to continue with the pregnancy, and doctors couldn't give them statistics, because everyone else they knew that received the same diagnosis chose to abort.

Sarah and Jeremy: Down Syndrome Adoption
November 23, 2018

While looking through adoption files from an orphanage in Yerevan Armenia,   Sarah saw a picture of Maria, who has Down syndrome. Sarah told us, " I saw Maria’s face, and I had seen many other faces over the years,

Living with a child with NONO Gene Deletion
November 21, 2018

There's only a handful of kids who have been diagnosed with NONO gene deletion. Doctors can't tell you what your life will be like, Morgan and Rikki can.

Ep. 100: Corinne Down syndrome- a sibling's perspective
August 08, 2018

Corinne has a younger sister with Down syndrome. …

Perspective on Living with a Sister with Down Syndrome
August 08, 2018

Having a sister with Down syndrome is difficult at times but rewarding in so many other ways. All Corinne wants for her sister, Vanessa, is to be accepted.

Tamara and Matthew: Down Syndrome Follow Up 1 Year Later
July 25, 2018

There were suspicions in utero that their baby would have Down syndrome, but they didn’t know for sure until he was point. After a lot of study and then ultimately meeting their son with Down syndrome, they have decided Grayson is perfect the way he wa...

Ep. 99 Tamara and Matthew follow up
July 24, 2018

About a year ago we interviewed Tamara and Matthe…

Jennifer and James: Adoption of 4 Children with Special Needs
July 11, 2018

.et_pb_post .entry-content.stories {padding-top:0} - Internationally Adopted Children with Special Needs Jennifer and James did not plan on adopting four children with disabilities, but the call to do so came from within. James said,

Episode 98: Jennifer and James- Special Needs Adoption
July 10, 2018

Jennifer and James have adopted many children wit…

Parents with Achondroplasia (Dwarfism) Raise a Daughter with the Same Diagnosis
July 03, 2018

Rebekah and Chris have Achondroplasia, a form of Dwarfism. They have 2 children, one that has Dwarfism, and one that does not. Rebekah and Chris open up about what it's like living as a little person, and how they feel now that they have a daughter wit...