On The Road To Perfection

On The Road To Perfection

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Is My Penance Enough – Episode 140
March 23, 2023

Short answer: No, our penance is not enough! - What is a "good penance"? Why do we sometimes get what seems so insignificant a penance relative to our sins? - Spoiler alert - our penance is not mean

Cultural Catholicism – Episode 139
March 16, 2023

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! - Why do we say that and not "Happy Saint Mark's Day!"? - Beth and Kristofer explore Cultural Catholicism in this episode of On The Road to Perfection. - They discuss the

Here Come The Scrutinies! – Episode 138
March 09, 2023

What are the Scrutinies? - In this season of Lent, we may have heard about them on the periphery, but do we know what they are? - Beth and Kristofer explain this minor rite to help us better realize

How Do I Love My Enemies? – Episode 137
March 02, 2023

How do I love my enemies? - Beth and Kristofer answer this question as well as defining what an enemy is beyond, as Beth put it, "That nebulous group of people." - They discuss why we should love ou

Are You Saved? – Episode 136
February 23, 2023

Are You Saved? - Oftentimes our evangelical brothers and sisters ask this question, and we often ask it of ourselves, but do we know the answer? - Beth and Kristofer answer this rather elusive quest

Spreading The Good News – Episode 135
February 16, 2023

Can you evangelize? Let's get into the practicals! - Most of us are not street preachers and do not go up to strangers asking about their salvation. - That does not mean we cannot spread the Good Ne

Evangelization – Episode 134
February 09, 2023

Evangelization sounds scary. - But do we know all that it entails? - What is it? - It's not what you think, unless you want to think that's what it is. - In this episode of On the Road to Perfecti

Lust And Love – Episode 133
February 02, 2023

What is the difference between lust and love? - During this "season of Valentines" Beth and Kristofer cover this (often unknowingly) confusing and vitally important topic before we dive headlong into

Solidarity With The Church – Episode 132
January 26, 2023

After going over their Frustrations With The Church in an earlier episode, Beth and Kristofer now explain Solidarity With The Church. - What exactly does that mean? - How can we know if we are in so

It Works! – Episode 131
January 19, 2023

With a great sigh of relief and near shouts of joy, we share a wonderful discovery: - What we have been practicing for decades, talking about in the last 130 episodes, and teaching for years actually