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Mona Dolgov -343
February 15, 2023

Meet Mona Dolgov nutritionist, creative consultant, health advocate, author, publisher, teacher.Wow, does this lady wear many hats and she does so tastefully (and more to the point deliciously). S

Brad Meltzer -342
February 12, 2023

Join me as I welcome my dear friend Brad Meltzerback for his annual On-Mic appearance. This time the NY Times best-selling author unveils his latest project, co- written with Josh Mensch entitled,

Phil Primack -341
February 04, 2023

Put It Down on Paper: The Words and Life of Mary Folsom Blair, A Fifty-Year Search, is the personal passion project of longtime newspaper man Phil Primack. Part coming of age story, part old-fashi

Henriette Lazaridis -340
February 01, 2023

We invite you to meet a marvelous writer Henriette Lazaridis whose newest novel Terra Nova will transport you to a fascinating time and place. Her book is an immersive story of the race to the frigi

Hope for Depression -339
January 28, 2023

Mental illness is a serious worldwide problem with millions affected. Sadly, so many suffer in silence, fearing vulnerability and stigma. On todays episode I team up once again with my good friend La

Voices of France -338
January 25, 2023

On Mic takes to the road! We enjoyed a delightful two-week holiday in France recently and couldnt help recording interviews with some fascinating people along the way. On todays episode one of th

Nick Gancitano -337
January 22, 2023

Nick Gancitano is a best selling author, keynote speaker, private coach, soccer All-American, football National Champion, and Penn State University's All-Time Most Accurate Place-Kicker. Over the last

Daniel Ross -336
January 18, 2023

Daniel Ross has a voice that makes you smile. Correctionhe has dozens of voices that elicit joy and laughter. Daniel is one of the nations top animation actors, and only the third person to be off

Lisa Coppola -335
January 15, 2023

For an adoptee, developing a satisfying, healthy life often follows self-reflection, therapy, and peer support --- processes well understood by author Lisa Coppola of Voices Unheard: A Reflective Jou

Jim Meskimen -334
January 11, 2023

Todays guest is one talented and very funny guy. Hes actor, writer, producer and sensational impressionist Jim Meskimen. Jims work is highly respected and loved. His ability to mimic politicians