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Rhonda Kallman -312
October 02, 2022

Meet the energetic entrepreneur behind one of the area’s most successful distilleries.  Rhonda Kallman and her colleagues are true artisans, crafting the finest in locally produced whiskey, gin, rum a

Allison Blei -311
September 28, 2022

Meet the extraordinary Allison Blei, co-producer and co-writer of  Mr. Swindle’s Traveling Peculiarium arriving in Boston as  part of a national tour. This irreverent traveling tented entertainment ex

Michael Dispezio -310
September 25, 2022

Meet Michael Dispezio, this generation’s “Mr. Wizard.” Michael is well-respected science educator with writing and editing credits on hundreds of K-12  science texts.  He is also a nationally recogniz

Dad -309
September 19, 2022

Legacy is a gift we are all capable of giving.  Capturing moments that crystalize one’s legacy is an honor. Especially when it’s someone I love and respect as much as I do.  In this case, I get the ch

Milton Ezrati -308
September 11, 2022

Time for some straight talk about finance and investing from a man who has done it successfully for over four decades. Milton Ezrati, author of the book Bite Sized Investing: A Complete (and Jargon-Fr

Peter Smyth -307
September 08, 2022

Meet one of the broadcast industry’s most innovative pioneers. Peter Smyth joins us to talk about his success as head of a major chain of radio stations, the advance of streaming and HD Radio in which

David Kruh -306
August 31, 2022

Historian, author and playwright David Kruh joins us with his own well-researched spin on a fascinating story steeped in myth and mystery. He’s written Inseparable: An Alcatraz Escape Adventure, a fic

Ken Sheldon -305
August 24, 2022

Writer Ken Sheldon presents one of the most fascinating true crime stories you’ll read about, a murder that happened over a hundred years ago in a sleepy northern New England hamlet. You’re sure to be

Dan Lenard -304
August 21, 2022

Getting back to our roots with one of the nation’s top voice-over artists and mentors Dan Lenard. Dan is known as “The Knowledgeable Voice” and when you hear him speak you’ll understand why.  He’s ach

Author Peter Clenott -303
August 14, 2022

Accomplished novelist Peter Clenott joins us to talk about his latest historically based thriller,  The Unwanted. It’s a World War II story about the Nazi eugenics programs and their systematic attemp