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Will Lyman -189
February 28, 2021

My crusade to introduce you to the great voice-over masters continue with one of the very best.  He’s Will Lyman, the voice of the nationally televised “Frontline” program on PBS for over three decades.  Will has lent his authoritative voice to countle...

Brian Coleman -188
February 21, 2021

Meet “Mr. Ephemera!” He’s Brian Coleman, avid historian, archivist, lover and preserver of pop culture memories found on paper---ads, posters, tickets and more  from Boston based publications dating back several decades.

Ashley Whillans -187
February 15, 2021

Glad you found time to check out this podcast with Harvard Assistant Business Professor Ashley Whillans, a leading voice in time and happiness research. Her new book “Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time & Live a Happier Life,

Giles Laroche -186
February 07, 2021

Meet an innovative artist, author, teacher, storyteller and historian Giles Laroche. He has several books to his credit including his  latest entitled “Lost Cities,”  a visually stunning look at ancient cities from around the world combining culture,

Dr. John DiCicco -185
January 31, 2021

Author of several books on leadership, with his latest slated to be published in 2021, Dr. John DiCicco is a member of the management division at Curry College in Milton where is focuses on  principles of management, economics,

James Barron -184
January 31, 2021

On today’s episode, we talk with award winning investigative journalist, attorney and author James Barron about his new project, the first ever biography of a relentless freedom fighter and journalist who held the secret behind Watergate.

Sylvia True -183
January 24, 2021

Sylvia True is the author of a moving,thought provoking new book entitled, “Where Madness Lies,” a semi-autobiographical novel about the author’s family, from its roots in Nazi occupied Germany to the middle 1980’s.

Richard A. Lertzman -182
January 17, 2021

In celebration of the Rat Pack’s 60th anniversary we present an interview with Richard A. Lertzman, author of a great new book, “Deconstructing the Rat Pack: Joey, the Mob, and the Summit.”  In his explosive tell-all book,

Abraham Schechter -181
January 10, 2021

Today’s guest joining the conversation is professional archivist Abraham Schechter. As an archivist he serves as memory for others, interpreting the occurrences of life while contextualizing the present and past.

Michele Viner -180
January 03, 2021

Freelance writer and loving Mom Michele Viner has published, “A Few Words About Mental Health,”  a series of words with beautifully composed text written for those struggling with mental health issues and those who love and support them.