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Dr. Mardy Grothe -115
October 14, 2019

Dr. Mardy Grothe has a rich background as a psychologist, management consultant , speaker and prolific author.  Words are his business for sure.  He’s penned a slew of wonderful books about our language including “I Never Metaphor I didn’t Like,

Steven Karidoyanes -114
October 07, 2019

Steven Karidoyanes is an accomplished conductor, musician, composer and broadcaster, now in his 26th season leading the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra. This is also his 16th season conducting the New England Conservatory Youth Symphony,

Justin Locke -113
October 02, 2019

Justin Locke is a man of many talents.  First off he’s an acclaimed musician, having played bass for nearly two decades with the famed Boston Pops working with such luminaries as Arthur Fielder, Leonard Bernstein and Henry Mancini.

Jim Redfearn -112
September 23, 2019

Jim Redfearn is a well-respected retired Massachusetts State Trooper and a man of many skills.  Following his 21-year career on the force as a patrol officer and investigator, he served as an academy instructor.

Garrison Keillor -111
September 17, 2019

He’s one of America’s great storytellers.  Meet radio talent, writer, producer, musician and humorist Garrison Keillor. Garrison talks with us about the origination of the beloved Prairie Home Companion radio show along with his work as a prolific writ...

Yannetty & The 7 Fingers -110
September 11, 2019

In this two-part episode, meet a very funny guy stand-up comic, actor and voice-over artist Joe Yannetty.  He’s worked all over the world and is a master craftsman when it comes to comedy.  Joe also faced the life threatening challenge of cancer and be...

Michael Strasner & Rob Hochschild -109
September 05, 2019

In this bonus two-part  On Mic podcast,  meet two outstanding people, each a leader in his field. - In part one, nationally recognized leadership coach Michael Strasner talks about his mission to develop business and community leaders who create the ...

Cha-Chi Loprete -108
September 03, 2019

Meet one of the most connected guys in radio and beyond. And one of the nicest. Cha-Chi Loprete has done it all --- promotions, marketing, music, interviews, live stage shows – and he’s still at it, hosting his long running “Breakfast with the Beatles”...

Millennials -107
August 29, 2019

In this episode a chat with two dynamic women who each focus on issues concerning Millennials. Paige Cornetet of Millennialguru.com and Rachel Klausner of getmillies.com are themselves millennials. - Millennial Guru is a team of innovative,

Peter Reynolds -106
August 27, 2019

Meet Peter Reynolds, world-renowned  illustrator and author of “The North Star,”  “The Dot,” and “Ish.” Peter shares his thoughts on creativity and the power of imagination. Learn more about your host Jordan Rich at chartproductions.com. -