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On the Record...Online

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Exploring the Implications of Net Neutrality Repeal with Corynne McSherry
May 19, 2014

In this podcast, we talk to Intellectual Property Director (), who spent the weekend pouring over proposal (), which is now available for public comment through . Topics discussed include: How c

Inside the Digital Anti Establishment
May 16, 2014

Marcia Stepanek is a journalist, new media strategist, NYU professor and an award winning news and features editor. Her upcoming book is "Swarms: the Rise of Digital Anti‑Establishment.   Eric:  Tell us about yourself.   Marcia:  I

INTERVIEW: Marcia Stepanek on the Digital Anti‑Establishment
May 16, 2014

is a journalist, new media strategist, NYU professor and an award winning news and features editor. Her upcoming book is "Swarms: the Rise of Digital AntiEstablishment." Eric: Tell us about yours

Social Media Education Programs with Eric Schwartzman
April 05, 2014

Anyone can create an online course. Making it an engaging and educational experience is a whole other question.   In FIR on Higher Education episode 7, Comply Socially Founder Eric Schwartzman talks about how to make content interesting and educatio

How To Prevent a Crisis
March 28, 2014

Earlier this week the Los Angeles Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America hosted a panel discussion on what it takes to prevent a social media crisis.   In my opinion, PR spends too much time talking about crisis management and not enough

Social Media Monitoring Big Data
February 14, 2014

In this episode, sponsored by IBM Big Data, Marc Teerlink, Ph.D., Global Strategist & Data Scientist talks about separating the signal from the noise, using the past to predict the future and social media monitoring for ROI.When you're dealing with B

Social Media Education for Employees
January 31, 2014

So you're using social media for business. And sometimes customers and prospects actually notice.  But you can't figure out how to scale engagement more consistently.   You need to get more people involved becuase on social networks, reach is a

Big Data Risks and Rewards
January 17, 2014

  IBM fellow Jeff Jonas (@JeffJonas) talks about Ironman Triathlons, how casinos catch card counters, the future of personal privacy and big data analytics.   Jeff’s career is storied and diverse.  He’s built systems to protect

Future of Ed Tech
January 06, 2014

  Marina Gorbis (@mgorbis) is executive director of the Institute of the Future and author of The Nature of the Future.  In this interview, she talks about hwo technology is changing the world of education, what motivates people to learn and di

On the Record...Online with Legendary PR Man Howard Bragman
April 11, 2005

Find out why Howard Bragman, founder of BNC, Bragman, Nyman and Cafarelli, and Fifteenminutes.com isn't sunbathing on a yacht in France. Bragman goes On the Record Online about his return to PR.