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On the Record...Online

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Los Angeles PR Firm Leader Howard Bragman Passes at 66
February 13, 2023

Find out why Howard Bragman, founder of BNC, Bragman, Nyman and Cafarelli, and Fifteenminutes.com isn't sunbathing on a yacht in France. Bragman goes On the Record Online about his return to PR.

Top PR Firms Commit to Abide by Wikipedia Terms of Use
July 10, 2014

Ideally, you want someone with a neutral point of view editing Wikipedia entries, not PR firms clandestinely gussying up their client’s pages.  PR has a conflict of interest. But that doesn't mean they can't also help improve the accuracy of Wikipedia

On the Record...Online with Mark Haas, CEO of Manning Selvage & Lee
July 09, 2014

Manning Selvage & Lee CEO Mark Hass goes On the Record...Online at the 2008 PRSA International Conference about MS&L’s strategy for penetrating China, his acquisition strategy for buying new firms and what it takes to be a managing director at MS&L. Ma

Enterprise Social Compliance Best Practices
June 27, 2014

Most people think social media compliance is just for regulated industries. And it's true that regulated industries do have more rules to comply with.    But social media compliance is everybody’s business.   Whether you’re business is regulated or

Required Social Media Disclaimers Unlawful
June 20, 2014

If your social policy requires your employees to include a disclaimer in their social media posts that their opinions are their own, that's unlawful, according to a US Federal judge who called the restriction “unreasonably burdensome” and unl

How To Document Social Media Policy Violations
June 11, 2014

  The number of social media policy violations by employees has doubled over the last 16 months, according to the 2014 Social Media in the Workplace Survey.   Don’t get us wrong.  We love social media and value free speech. We’

FDA Social Media Guidance
June 02, 2014

What steps has the FDA taken to provide the pharma industry with guidance and regulations around how drug companies can effectively and responsibly use social media for marketing, customer engagement and scientific research?   We talk to John Mack (

Gun Politics Trigger Social Media Policy Failure
May 23, 2014

How money and politics drove the Kansas Board of Regents to issue a social media policy that threatens academic freedom statewide with Doug Bonney, chief counsel and legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas.   State legislator

FCC Proposes to End Net Neutrality
May 19, 2014

Although the proposed FCC changes to Net Neutrality released last week are short on details about what constitutes "commercially reasonable," it looks like we're closer to reclassifying ISPs as Title Two common carriers than we were in the draft that was