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THE OT ROUNDTABLE – 138 -Who is the Imposter?
May 11, 2022

Alondra is an occupational therapist in Bay Area California and currently, she provides services via Hippotherapy, which entails incorporating horses And utilizing the movement of the horse Within the

137 – BecomingOT ft Dr Tailor Blaine
April 26, 2022

Her passion for improving those around her and assisting people to learn from her experiences is infectious. But how did it get to this stage? How did she get to share her content with thousands of OT

136 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Daniela Castro De Jong & Dr Georgia Pike-Rowney
April 20, 2022

This session will introduce the participants to the community-based Music Engagement Program, which aims to create opportunities for social interaction and wellbeing for all of those who are involved

135 – MOHO 101 ft Ruth Hambling
March 29, 2022

I'm the first to admit that I never used the MOHO much in clinical practice for a number of reasons. Conversations with Ruth started to get me to revisit some of the thoughts I'd had for a long while.

OCCUPIED PLUS+ CLIP – Essentialism and Productivity
March 14, 2022

So recently I embarked on a challenge with a few friends. We read Greg McKeown's Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less. The common feeling through the group was that we all often take on way m

134 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Danielle Hitch
March 07, 2022

Outcome measurement is crucial to proving the effectiveness of occupational therapy, but remains scarce in many areas of practice. So what’s holding us back?

133 – An OT’s Perspective of His Own Traumatic Injury ft Collin Hernandez
March 03, 2022

In this episode we explore the injury and his rehabilitation up to this point from an occupational perspective.

THE OT ROUNDTABLE – 132 – What Impact is Isolation Having on People’s Habits, Routines and Health
February 20, 2022

This episode we are diving into the effects we have been experiencing recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and “safer-at-home” restrictions. We looked at how it has impacted our habits and routines a

OCCUPIED PLUS+ CLIP – The Stress-Vulnerability Model
February 13, 2022

This is a model that I have used for many years with a massive variety of clients, friends, family and myself to help explain how a variety of concepts interrelate and can impact on our ability to cop

131 – Political Competency in OT ft Dr Nick Pollard
February 09, 2022

Dr Nick Pollard is a senior lecturer in occupational therapy at Sheffield Hallam University, teaching occupational therapy students at undergraduate and post graduate level, and course leader of the M