Latest Episodes

145 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION – ft John Knight
September 19, 2022

This session will cover the learnings from a number of years research into digital workers’ occupational experience.

144 – THE OT ROUNDTABLE – Should Every OT Practitioner Be A Fieldwork Educator?
August 12, 2022

Is being a fieldwork educator a skill? What are traits that make a good educator? Importance of communication  Navigating safety and expectations  Educators knowing their roles in fieldwork education

143 – An Exploration of Creativity ft Moo Smith
August 05, 2022

In this episode Moo and I explore creativity and where the mental and physical benefits of creativity might lay as well as how Moo manages the balance between using creativity for self expression as w

142 – THE OT ROUNDTABLE – Do Occupational Therapy Practitioners Make Good Entrepreneurs?
June 29, 2022

What makes OT practitioners good (and bad) as entrepreneurs Navigating the ins and outs of business without a business degree  Importance of understanding finances  Can anybody be an entrepreneur Soci

141 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Allison Sullivan
June 19, 2022

Session Title “How Did I Get Here? One Occupational Therapist’s Search for Meaning” Session Details (TW // sexual violence) The purpose of this session is to provide my personal perspective as

140 – OT and Pain ft Natalie Khan
June 12, 2022

This ep we have a look at that experience and then funnel down into her interest and experience living and working with chronic pain.

139 – WFOT Congress with WFOT President Samantha Shann
May 16, 2022

We explored Samantha's journey through the profession, how she got involved with WFOT, how she made it to the position of President and we explore the upcoming WFOT Congress in Paris.

THE OT ROUNDTABLE – 138 -Who is the Imposter?
May 11, 2022

Alondra is an occupational therapist in Bay Area California and currently, she provides services via Hippotherapy, which entails incorporating horses And utilizing the movement of the horse Within the

137 – BecomingOT ft Dr Tailor Blaine
April 26, 2022

Her passion for improving those around her and assisting people to learn from her experiences is infectious. But how did it get to this stage? How did she get to share her content with thousands of OT

136 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Daniela Castro De Jong & Dr Georgia Pike-Rowney
April 20, 2022

This session will introduce the participants to the community-based Music Engagement Program, which aims to create opportunities for social interaction and wellbeing for all of those who are involved