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126 – The Neurodivergent Experience in a Neurotypical World ft Jacklyn Googins & Greg Boheler
November 28, 2021

We discuss the wider societal acceptance of neurodivergence, their personal experiences, and how B3 is pushing the way forward for an all-inclusive future.

125 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Paula Kramer
November 21, 2021

COVID has drastically changed the critically important occupations of many and has enhanced our understanding of occupational disruption experienced by clients with disabilities. Occupational therapis

OCCUPIED Plus+ clip – What do I Need in a Contract
October 28, 2021

Been asked a few times recently for tips on the kinds of things new graduates should think about when going in to negotiate their first contract. This is NOT LEGAL ADVICE but rather some points to kee

124 – Lessons from a Career in Occupational Therapy
October 20, 2021

What I would want to know if I was about to step into the world as an OT for the very first time. So here it is, my lessons from a career in OT.

123 – The Real Life Impact of Eating Disorders ft Carissa Dyer
October 12, 2021

rs. How does this hyper focus on food, eating, comparison, judgement and hiding all of the above from your closest people impact your life?

122 – You Are Not Client Centred
October 05, 2021

Are you client-centered? Are you sure? Does your initial reaction to a situation indicate that you are too? After coming across a little video of a man learning to use his new prosthesis with no suppo

121 – All About Occupation ft Michael Sy & Pauline Gail Martinez
September 15, 2021

Describe the group culture of people who desire to be “beautiful” through the world of beauty pageants Discuss the different perspective on pageantry work Discuss essential and hidden occupations perf

OCCUPIED Plus+ clip – Why do we need to talk about Occupational Therapy
September 01, 2021

An exclusive sample clip of one of the Occupied Plus+ Patreon episodes. If you like it and want to get access to the rest of this episode and many more go to patreon.com/occupiedplus and sign up today

120 – Body Image and its impact on Occupation ft Emily Roberts
August 23, 2021

Emily Roberts has really begun to champion the niche of body image within the OT community.

119 – Trauma and Healthcare Practice ft Dr Allie Watkins
August 08, 2021

Connecting with Allie has been an absolute blessing. You may know her better as @patchesofot and the host of the Patches of OT podcast. Her content is super unique and deeply personally engrained. Thi