Latest Episodes

102 – Difficult Conversations & BPD ft Keir Harding
February 22, 2021

We discussed the complexities of the healthcare system and how that often fall short when working with people who are diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

101 – Comprehensive Kawa ft Dr Michael Iwama
February 14, 2021

The aim of this episode was to create a grassroots resource about how the Kawa came to fruition as I strongly believe that in order to get the most out of the model, understanding its roots is imperative.

100 – A Celebration of OT Podcasting
February 08, 2021

Right from the very start, I said if a handful of people learned something or took something away from the podcast it would be worth the time

099 – Sexualisation and Identity ft Sakshi Tickoo
January 27, 2021

This episode we explore the concept of sexualisation how that relates to identity and what this means for Occupational Therapy practitioners.

098 – What Does My Depression Look Like?
January 21, 2021

On December 8th I went public about my journey with depression. Some people asked for more, asked for an episode. So here it is.

097 – The OT Lifestyle Movement ft Rhiannon Crispe
January 16, 2021

Rhiannon Crispe describers herself as "a salty soul, health enthusiast, sun chaser and blessed mumma & wife. A dreamer and a doer. A goal setter and a go-getter. A change agent and a game changer. And also a proud Occupational Therapist and business ow...

096 – A New Look at Resolutions
January 01, 2021

I wanted to look at why soooo many people fail their resolutions and an alternative method that I use and you might find more successful!

095 – BEST OF 2020 – The Importance of Language in Disability
December 26, 2020

Having this discussion about language and how we as therapist use it to frame and situate our therapeutic relationship, power and recovery for the people that we work with.

094 – BEST OF 2020 – The Dark Side of Therapy Memes
December 14, 2020

I've spoken many times about the impact public portrayal of OT has on our profession. In my opinion, I can see how condoning some of these memes could be doing us damage.

093 – BEST OF 2020 – Dev and Brock Deep Dive into Gender Identity and Stigma
December 07, 2020

Dev is on a mission. A mission for inclusion. A mission for happiness. A mission for equal rights. A mission for acceptance.