Latest Episodes

153 – How To/Not to Enact Change in the Profession ft Clarice Grote
March 21, 2023

We explore OT's role in politics and how Clarice's background makes her the perfect therapist to break this down for me. We look at various practice areas and the impact the medical model is having on

152 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Jaime Leite Junior
March 08, 2023

This seminar aims to create a dialogue about the possibilities of life faced by the population who experience dissidence of genders and sexualities.

151 – Can Anyone Be a Dope Leader?
March 01, 2023

Leadership is a topic that everyone has come across during their studies, career, sports engagement or just general life but hows your knowledge about what it actually is?

150 – Why do we need to talk about Occupational Therapy?
February 23, 2023

A hot topic every April during OT month. Why does no-one know what we do? I want to look deeper into how this became a problem and what can we do to fix it.

149 – Rural Practice as a Newgrad ft Holly Gawthorne
January 04, 2023

You may have heard her on the Holly the OT podcast and if not then definitely get on that! Holly works in a super remote Australian town called Lightening Ridge. Her experience of the newgrad transiti

148 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Sakshi Tickoo
October 24, 2022

his session will focus on understanding the basics of sexuality and the various ways it translates into human occupations.

147 – Should Therapy be Conducted Outdoors
October 17, 2022

For some students virtual learning and, in turn, virtual therapy is the only option available. Zoom fatigue, anyone? ? This got us thinkingis this really the best way for students to be learning a

146 – Eating Disorders Program Followup ft Carissa Gualano
October 10, 2022

Carissa returns to the podcast! During her last episode (OCCUPIED 123) she discussed her personal experience with eating disorders and was about to embark on her doctoral project. She has now complete

145 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION – ft John Knight
September 19, 2022

This session will cover the learnings from a number of years research into digital workers occupational experience.

144 – THE OT ROUNDTABLE – Should Every OT Practitioner Be A Fieldwork Educator?
August 12, 2022

Is being a fieldwork educator a skill? What are traits that make a good educator? Importance of communication Navigating safety and expectations Educators knowing their roles in fieldwork education