Latest Episodes

079 – Conversations with an OT Student Through her Final Placement
July 07, 2020

We discuss what she learned, hows she grows, how she overcomes some of the challenges associated with placement and at the end have a discussion on what she feels would be the biggest learning points for other students going through or coming up to the...

078 – Detrimental Language and Documentation
June 26, 2020

Language is important. Documentation is important. The people we work with are important. But with all these “important” factors splitting our focus, have we lost the point? Zara Mills is an RN with extensive experience in mental health and a passion f...

077 – The Importance of Language in Disability
June 15, 2020

Having this discussion about language and how we as therapist use it to frame and situate our therapeutic relationship, power and recovery for the people that we work with.

076 – Surfing the Spectrum
May 21, 2020

It’s a beautiful thing seeing a therapist incorporate something they're really passionate about into their Occupation Based Practice

075 – Life, Death and Mental Illness
May 05, 2020

In this episode, we explore Gabe's lived experience of BPAD, his experiences with health services, the impact mental illness has had on his life and EVERYTHING in between.

073 – Leadership, Mental Health and OT with Dr Virginia “Ginny” Stoffel
April 15, 2020

I was super excited to talk to this phenomenal OT and garner her perspectives on life, MH and OT.

072 – Successful Telehealth with Melissa LaPointe
April 07, 2020

An episode discussing how therapists can make this transition to telehealth more successfully in this ever changing world we are currently in.

071 – The Entrepreneur Mindset
March 31, 2020

In recent times I’ve come across some absolutely amazing OT private practices. Becoming an entrepreneur is rapidly becoming a valid career progression for OT’s around the world and I suspect that in this current health climate the potential of going in...

069 – Meaning, Purpose and Tattoos
March 11, 2020

Tattoo's and tattooing has become somewhat mainstream in western culture today and we, as therapists, will work with tattooed individuals every day. But how many of us have actually considered them through an occupational lens?

074 – Dev (they/them) and Brock (he/him) deep dive into gender, identity, and stigma
March 04, 2020

Dev is on a mission. A mission for inclusion. A mission for happiness. A mission for equal rights. A mission for acceptance.