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Novel Marketing

202 How to Create a Landing Page

August 19, 2019

In this episode we are going to talk about landing pages.
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Show Notes
What is a Landing Page?

* A landing page is a web page designed to get the visitor to take a specific action.
* Extreme landing pages are called Squeeze pages where only one kind of action can be taken. Usually, giving your email address and signing up for your newsletter.
* Typically, landing pages are educational and help answer any questions and objections someone has about taking that specific action.
* People typically come directly to landing pages and not through your website’s home page. This is the page new visitors “land” on.
* Landing pages are often not listed in the menu of a website.
* Traffic comes from Ads, Emails, Interviews, a link from the back of your ebook, or even physical book, etc.
* Example 1:
* Example 2:

Why are Landing Pages Useful?

* Landing pages work because they increase your conversion rate.  More people take action on a landing page than they do on any other kind of page.
* They’re simple, easy to understand, easy for people to take action.
* The more options you give someone, the less likely they are to take any action.

* Jams Experiment

* This is why so few landing pages have navigation.

How Can Authors Use Landing Pages?
Authors use landing pages to:

* Get signups up for a launch team.
* Grow an email list by promoting a reader magnet.
* Sell a book

* MyBookTable Pro has a Landing Page mode that does this automatically

* Promote a launch party.
* Get signups for a Webinar or other online event

What to put on your landing page:

* Headline “The World’s Most Comprehensive Podcast Host Directory”
* Explanation/what they get  “Get in contact with over 100,000 podcast hosts from around the world! Currently available for Novel Marketing Podcast patrons only.”
* Graphic
* Form (Sometimes a call to action button like “Buy Now”)
* Video (Optional)
* Testimonials/Endorsements (Optional)
* FAQ (Optional)

Landing Page Tips

* Stick close to the template.
* Assume that the person coming to the page is not yet convinced to take action. Ask yourself, what would push them over the edge to take action?
* Making sure your landing pages are mobile responsive.
* Have your buttons complete the sentence “I want to ____”

* Examples:

* Download the free guide
* Read the short story
* Sign up for the ______ (webinar, etc.)

* Keep the page focused. Don’t mention the sequel
* Answer the “why” which is the whole point of the thing!
* Answer the “what’s in it for me?”
* Respond to any objections.

* “You can unsubscribe at any time with one click.”
* “I won’t let anyone else have access to your email, ever.”

* Keep the form simple. Don’t ask for more than you need.
* Use trust badges if possible.
* Advanced: Split test your landing page to see what works and what doesn’t


Tools to Make Landing Page Creation Easier