Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

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Where does our True Identity come from?
December 02, 2022

What is our true identity? We cannot be truly happy until we are truly free, and we to know who it is that we truly are if we are to be truly free. Habits of Freedom, pg 20 Eve As in adam and Eve, s

Habits of Freedom; Holy Indifference
November 25, 2022

We are continuing our series of Habits of Freedom: 5 Ignatian Tools for Calming Your Mind and Resting in the Lord by Christopher S. Collins, SJ. God often calls us out of our usual to get our attentio

Habits of Freedom, Introduction
November 18, 2022

Normal We want our life to go back to normal. And what exactly does normal mean? I think, instead, lets consider grounding ourselves in Christ. When we are with him, life will be on a more even keel.

Pray for Yourself
November 11, 2022

Do you pray for yourself? I have met many people who dont think to pray for themselves. Some think it is selfish; others, maybe a bit burdensome to God, who already has enough to concern himself with

Psalms and Gratitude
November 04, 2022

Gratitude is an Answer Often times we dont think about our blessings and daily life as gifts, but they are. Its not good luck or being in the right place at the right time. When we feel mired down i

America’s Mary: The Story of Our Lady of Good Help
October 28, 2022

New Book about Our Blessed Mother I have always known we have a generous and loving Mother in Heaven. But Mary also comes to people here on earth to guide and give a message of hope or words of exhort

Ask the Holy Spirit for Help
October 21, 2022

Decisions to be made How often do we wonder, is this what I should do? What will be the best decision? We think and pray and ask a few or twenty-five, people, what they think, instead of going to the

Called by God
October 14, 2022

What is my purpose? Each one of us has been called from all eternity to fulfil a divine vocation. God the Father brought us into life (no one has been born by accident). He created our soul. He drew

A New Book: Encountering Signs of Faith
September 30, 2022

A New Book It is always a pleasure when I talk with an author and doubly so when she is a friend! Youve met Allison Gingras before, but today its all about her own new book, Encountering SIgns of Fa

Stop Worrying; Focus on Now
September 23, 2022

We all do it Or at least it seems so to me. Worry that is, looking forward or back, wondering what we could have or should have or ought to do better or differently. The preoccupation with the possibi