Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

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January 22, 2021

What is the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation? This sacrament forgives our sins, reconciles us to God and his people, and gives us the grace to not sin again. In John 20: 22b-23 Jesus is with the apostles, “he breathed on them and said to them,

Faith in difficult times
January 15, 2021

Why Vn. Pierre Toussaint? I find his story compelling and an excellent example for our times. In the face of many obstacles he lived a life of holiness and virtue. His faith guided his life. A  bit about his life He was born a slave in what is now Hait...

External Change
January 08, 2021

Spiritual Makeover continues… God calls to us and offers to change our stony hearts for those of flesh. Jesus also calls us to conversion. The Gospels are full of stories which point to Jesus healing and leading people to a relationship with God.

A Change of Heart
January 01, 2021

Happy New Year! Thoughts often turn to resolutions and changes and how will I solve all problems this year as a new year begins. And while making change can be good and beneficial, we need to care first for our soul.

Meet Lisa Mladinich, Life Coach
December 25, 2020

What’s your strength? Did you ever wonder what your strengths or gifts or talents are? I have. I’ve also thought about what is the best fit between who I am and what I do in my life. That’s where it can be a big help to learn what your unique strengths...

A Meditation for Christmas
December 18, 2020

Almost Christmas! There’s no need for many words. So I offer yo this mediation based on Luke 1. Read it and then give a listen in a quiet, prayerful place. And surprise, it’s not me, it my husband you’ll hear.

Fiat & Surrender
December 11, 2020

Mary’s Fiat Such a simple word that changed the world for all of us. Fiat, yes, I will. It was surrender and trust. Surrender to the world and absolute trust in God. It’s what we all say we want; the idea of total surrender; “thy will be done.

Abundance or Scarcity?
December 04, 2020

It’s an often asked question of people, are you an optimist or pessimist? If we are living as God calls us, then our answer is hopefully, optimist. We have a God of abundance, not scarcity. What does the Bible say? I’m going to focus on two passages.

To have integrity
November 20, 2020

What does it mean? Integrity is honesty, strong moral principles and an upstanding character trait. I think it is essential. A person of integrity is someone you can trust to do the right thing and do what they say they will. You can count on them.

The desire to please God
November 13, 2020

Why Pray I pray to keep focused. I pray to remind myself that I am not alone. I pray to ask for guidance. And sometimes I pray for direction. Who am I kidding, I pray for that reason lots! This prayer from Thomas Merton has been in my prayer box for qu...