Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

Not Lukewarm Podcast with Deanna Bartalini

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Called by God
October 14, 2022

What is my purpose? Each one of us has been called from all eternity to fulfil a divine vocation. God the Father brought us into life (no one has been born by accident). He created our soul. He drew

A New Book: Encountering Signs of Faith
September 30, 2022

A New Book It is always a pleasure when I talk with an author and doubly so when she is a friend! Youve met Allison Gingras before, but today its all about her own new book, Encountering SIgns of Fa

Stop Worrying; Focus on Now
September 23, 2022

We all do it Or at least it seems so to me. Worry that is, looking forward or back, wondering what we could have or should have or ought to do better or differently. The preoccupation with the possibi

You are Enough
September 16, 2022

Fine Line There is a fine line between true, good, and holy desires and grasping for more. Our world tells us that we are not enough or maybe too much; that we need to do more, be more, and have more.

Trust in the Slow Work of God
September 02, 2022

Learning to Wait Not my strong suit. Same as being still, not always easy, as I said in the last episode! But there is beauty in stillness; it builds trust, trust in God. And God will always come thro

What to do
August 26, 2022

What to do when you dont know what to do Often times our inclination is to do something. And that may be the wrong answer. We may be doing something that is not within our scope of influence or conce

The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real
August 19, 2022

How did this book come about? One day, Isabel went to camp and was made fun of for wearing a medal of Mary, Our Blessed Mother. She was broken-hearted, and neither her mother or aunt (Alyssa Bormes) c

We can trust God!
August 12, 2022

What does trust mean? What does the word trust mean? A firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. We have belief in God. He is reliable. He is truth. His ab

Simple & Ordinary
August 05, 2022

A few weeks ago I interviewed Rachel Balducci about her new book, No Such Thing as Ordinary and we talked about how oftentimes, we are waiting to do something big and important for God and miss what i

A Prayer of Surrender
July 29, 2022

Suscipe or Surrender Prayer Take Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my will, all that I have and cherish you have given to me; I surrender it all to be guided by your w