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Expansion Pak 30: Best Year in Video Games Debate Preview
September 20, 2021

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288: Wahhhhhh Warioware G.I.T., Cruis'n Blast and Switch Bluetooth!
September 16, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, we talk about how Cruis'n Blast is better than Wario Ware GIT, Switch going Bluetooth, and so much more!!! Support the Show at: Music: Intro: Cruis'n Blast: Title Break 1:

287: Golf Club Wasteland, Countdown to Metroid Dread, Quake, Garden Story, and Final No More Heroes III Impressions with John Wedgeworth!
September 09, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, we have John Wedgeworth on from Nerd Noise Radio to talk about Quake, Metroid Dread, Switch OLED, Garden Story, and many other things! Support NintenDomain at Music: Intro:

286: No More Heroes III, Hubworld Direct, Pokemon TV, and Game Boy Rumors
September 02, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, we breakdown the Hubworld Direct and talk about No More Heroes Impressions! Listen! Support the show at:   Music:  No More Heroes III: Intro: N.M.H. Break 1: Naomi's Lab Br

285: Quake on Switch, Wario Ware Get it Together Demo, and Gamescom News!
August 27, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, we talk about Quake, Wario Ware Keep it Together, Gamescom, and many more weekly news! Support the show at:  Music: Intro: The Demon King, Demise Battle ~Finale~ Break 1: W

284: Pokemon Direct plus Indie World Game Impressions!
August 19, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, we talk about the GTA rumors, Impressions on the Indie World games that we purchased, and give our thoughts on the new Pokemon Direct! Support the show at:   Music: Intro: 

283: New Indie World Direct plus Mario Golf Super Rush DLC and Pokemon Unite Impressions from Six of Scanline Media!
August 13, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, we talk about the New Indie World Direct plus Six Dettmar leaves a message on Pokemon Unite and we also talk about the New Mario Golf Super Rush DLC! Support the show at: M

Expansion Pak 29: Video Game Endings Preview
August 10, 2021

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282: Gone Drifting again with Amnesia and Gamecube Retro Prices on the Rise!
August 06, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, the guys talk about Trey's Joycon drift, the rise of Retro Game prices, and the Amnesia Collection! Plus the news for the week! Support the show and get bonus episodes at:

281: Trey's Return from Abu Dhabi plus Skyward Sword, Song for a Hero, and Mister X Nightmare Edition!
July 31, 2021

This week on NintenDomain, Trey returns from Abu Dhabi to talk about Skyward Sword HD, Ys IX, Monster Hunter Stories 2, and many other things! Plus Jon and Jereme talk about Song for a Hero, Mister X