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333: Splatoon 3 Direct and Mario Kart 8 Wave 2 Impressions with Jesse Bramhall
August 13, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, Jesse Bramhall stops by to talk about the new Splatoon Direct, Mario Kart 8 Wave 2, Monster Hunter, Xenoblade Chronicles and so much more!!! Support the show at Music:  Int

332: AEW: Fight Forever Is Coming to Switch! Pokemon Presents Scarlet/Violet, and David Hutchison talks about speed running Xenoblade Chronicles 3!
August 04, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, we talk about AEW Fight Forever, Pokemon Presents, and David Hutchinson guests to talk about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and how to properly speed run it and understand the mytho

331: Live a Live Impressions, New Hitman Level, and More Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hype!
July 29, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, we give impressions on Live A Live, Hitman III DLC, Torna The Golden Country, and much much more! Support the show and get access to over 40 bonus shows at:   Music: Intro:

EXP 40: NintenDomain's Top Five 16 Bit Games (SNES and Sega) Preview
July 27, 2022

Listen to the first 40 minutes of our patreon exclusive show, Expansion Pak. For only $1 you can hear this and 40 plus others at  

330: How Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna the Golden Country paved the way for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Jereme has an 8-Bit Do-dentity Crisis!
July 22, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, Jereme and Trey talk about the world of Xenoblade Chronicles and how similar Torna the Golden Country is to Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Plus gives his own chronicles on his stru

329: Three Naïve Angels talk Mario Kart IRL, Sunbreak, Jereme PS4 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hype!
July 15, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, we break down all the new Nintendo bits of what could have once been a full direct. We also talk Monster Hunter, Mario Kart Live, Portal, Xenoblade Chronicles and much more!

328: Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak is here! Plus we warp through Portal and live the Life a Live!
July 08, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, we talk about the release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, the Live a Live Demo, Portal Companion Edition, and weekly news! Support the show at: Music: Intro: MH Rise Sunbr

327: Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Wrap Up and Elec Head In Your Head Plus Capcom Fighting Collection
July 02, 2022

This week on NintenDomain, we finally got a direct and talk about our bingo cards, impressions, hopes, and dreams. Plus we talk about the Capcom Fighting Collection and Elec Head! Support the Show at:

Expansion Pak 39 Preview: NintenDomain's Top 5 Favorite Real-World and Virtual Pinball Tables!
June 29, 2022

Listen to the first part of our Expansion Pak episode! Go to  to hear the whole thing for only $1!

WART Radio: Top 4 Video Game Composers
June 28, 2022

This episode of WART Radio champions the top 4 Video Game Music Composers! Thanks for having us, Master of VGM! Find the full listing at: Also support WART Radio and get bonus episodes at: Tracklist